Impervious vs charmed


Ya know I was thinking about something that I haven’t seen on the forums yet, and if someone brought it up I apologize but why isn’t the impervious trait not immune to charm? Seems to me if they can’t be frozen, eaten, poisoned, stunned, etc why can they be charmed ? A quick fix would be to make impervious troops immune to charmed. That way you wouldn’t have to nerf wisps per say, but it would give us more options to fight them.


Isn’t Impervious strong enough without making it also unaffected by charm?


This idea may be imperfect. But it will be better than the current situation.


I know is isn’t perfect but at least it gives us an actual counter to wisps. If impervious can stop a kraken from munching on it, I’m sure it should stop a stupid (insert your own expletive) wisp!


It’s called impervious for a reason lol. It isn’t strong enough. Charmed isn’t an attack. Technically it’s a status effect so impervious should block it.


I’m with the OP here. Impervious should not protect against damage from an adjacent Charmed troop, but it seems very reasonable that – like Stealthy – it would prevent the troop from being Charmed in the first place.


Or they could just nerf Wisps instead. Buffing Impervious is a half-measure.



If the problem is Wisp, deal with Wisp directly.


There is also no reasons that a troop with Stealth trait can be targeted for charm effect!
He can receive damage from a troop charmed but not be targeted. One more bug to correct to the infinite list.


Technically technically, Charmed isn’t a status effect, it’s an instant mechanic. There is no persistence to it. You could argue that a troop that is Charmed is inflicted with a 0-length status effect that causes it to attack and then be immediately cleansed, but that isn’t how it is implemented.

I’m with @Ashasekayi on this one. Impervious is already extremely strong. If we find a need for Charm immunity, then perhaps a new trait is in order (although frankly, once Wisps are finally dealt with, such a trait becomes subpar).


There should be a trait, like adamant, that made a troop immune to charm.


Oh I’m sorry that’s what I meant. It should be damaged if an adjacent target is charmed but itself cannot be charmed. Sorry for the confusion !


This post should be a Feature Request post for the dev to notice then.
Otherwise it might be buried in the heap of threads.


If your couch is set on fire - you do not move the couch to a safer place.
… You target and put down the fire that gives you the problem.

There are so many troops with charm which are underpowered and literally never used - that making them even more underpowered while only the Wisp is the problem is not a healthy idea.


Magic Shield was added to counter mana burn (which only Mab, Jackelope and a weapon can inflict). Very few troops have that trait but it’s still a useful trait. The same could be done with charm immunity


Sure, but technically so is Mana Burn, and…well…


That’s why the description for Impervious is: Immune to all status effects, mana burn and devour. Those last 2 ain’t status effects.

But I disagree with Impervious gaining immunity to charm. It should be a new trait, possibly called Adamant or Oblivious.


Just nerf wisps already.


No extra turn for Wisps. No more problems. Still a strong troop, just no longer so far out of balance.


Jumbling the board needs the extra turn.