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Impervious vs charmed

I didn’t see you coming to the rescue of Cthyryzyx.
… It doesn’t. Wisp already deals a lot of damage for the low mana cost and dispels.

Or on the other hand - Stealthy can be replaced with Agile (20% chance to dodge skulls).
Stealthy or Extra turn have to go.
Keep the Charm - ignore the Impervious changes - fixt

Impervious and not charmed is what’s broken, impervious is already immune to too much. Multiple immunities should be like the dwarf or undead trait and not cover everything.

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You’re right, I didn’t think of it at the time. Cathy needs an extra turn.

I think he will stay untouched unless the whole kingdom is reworked like Orcs were.

But Wisps could be addressed as they bring a lot of stress to the game.
… Also, I’m not sure if Charm can be called a status effect. It’s something like “target a random enemy”. Either way - I wouldn’t like to see Impervious have immunity to charm, still. As because there are other troops who have charm and are underpowered. It would affect those, too.

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Oh, don’t misunderstand, I don’t think Impervious should apply to Charm either. I’m just saying that the “Impervious also works on things that aren’t status effects” boat already sailed long, long ago, and is now well-established precedent.

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I’m going to say it again. If something can stop a friggin kraken from eating it, I’m sure a wisp can’t say “hey attack your buddies !” And succeed.

:slight_smile: )

Hey kraken, don’t they look delicious? Go take a bite!

Infernus can burn a frozen target.
… Logic in Fantasy games does not usually stand :smile:

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This idea make some sense thematically, but I’m with those voices saying ‘Impervious is fine as it is, go fix Wisps properly’