:gem_skull: IMPERVIOUS BASTERDS. Join the Basterds!

If you don’t have anything to say to help the thread, say it somewhere else.

Anyway, we still have a spot open, or 2

Chill, don’t be so uptight.

Still needing a couple new members.
PM me or reply here

Level 1007
weekly seal 1500
trophies 250- 500

Yes we would like to have you, just let me know when to invite

We still have a few openings… Willing to temporarily have lower Reqs for members leveling kingdoms

ok Thanks^^ invite me pleas^^

Invite sent

We still have a few spots open

Level 391
weekly seal 1500
trophies 300- 500
gold: 500k-1 Mio

Still have openings if anyone interested… Reply here or send me a message.

I’m a level 700 will contribute what is needed of me very active would like an invite 1500 seals invite code is Drayven 1

Sent, said your in a guild

Have another spot available…PM me or leave a message here…(No colluding)

Did you get my PM?

Yes i did ,and i sent you one

Me and my girlfriend looking for a new guild. If the gold is not problem for 1 or 2 weeks we wanna join your guild.

Looking for 1 more , Either message me, or reply here…

Looking new members , message me or reply here if interested…

PM sent !!!