Looking for high level guild for 3 players all over level 1000

Me and my 2 mates are looking for a new guild we are currently in a top 50 guild but becoming frustrated with lack luster leadership and players not pulling there weight. All over 1100 and fully complete all events and guild wars with colours etc

we have room

What platform do you play on?

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We all play on no2 one or Android

Are you a high level guild?

That was mobile

Lol, curse of the autocorrect :+1:t2:

At Mean Machine (rank 35) we have spot for one member right now. we do lots of LTs and finish all events. PM me if you are interested. thanks

Yeah, I am GM for Impervious Basteds

What are your guild requirements?


You can always join our discord and see first

I sent a pm also

What are your weekly guild requirements

Our reqs are 300T, max seals, 500k+ gold, and must help finish weekly events/gw

1300 seals, 500k gold and 100 trophies

Yea I am interested can always invite others after if that ok of spots become available

Which one?

sent you a PM @Grt7

Tacet’s guild has 2 opening spots and will likely have more in the near future