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Couple looking for 40k Seal / LT Guild

Hi everyone. Me (476) and my girlfriend (678) looking for a new guild.

+1500 Seals
+Full Guild War Participation every week
+Min 300-400 Thropies
+Gold will be a problem for a short time, we are trying to reach level 10 for every kingdom but we are so close to it. We can give you 100-150k for 2 weeks, then all of our money is yours.

Inform us if you have 2 open slots.

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The Unholy Family of guilds are looking for players just like you!

Come join our Discord chat: https://discord.gg/Zj9dVhz

The Unholy Family
#7 TUF: Unrepentant 500k/300t/GWB2 <- 25+ LTs
TUF: Abaddon 250k/150t <- 10+ LTs
TUF: Purgatory <- 40k seals goal