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Impervious Basterds is recruiting! A once Great House of Westeros is looking to restore it's former glory!

I’m not going to lie or beat around the bush, our guild has lost some solid players over the past 6 months+
We are a competitive guild but we cannot promise some of the resources that these “corporate” guilds promise. We complete all the events and tasks, what we are looking for are active weekly players who also want to contribute ideas and team strategies for Guild Wars week. If you happen to be lower level, do not feel slighted or unworthy simply because you do not have all the troops/levels ups/medals ect… We absolutely would love to have you on board and we will do our best to help you level up and also provide you with valuable PVP and GW’s week knowledge.

Why join our guild? Simple…we have a fantastic, fun, colorful and active discord. Our top members are competitive and serious but we promote a community spirit that makes the game feel like less of a daily grind (you know what I speak of, this game has become increasingly demanding.)

Impervious Basterds needs spirited adventurers to help conquer the kingdom of Krystara!


It really is a great guild. Lots of spirit and friendship. We need contributors to maintain an elite status. Minimums are manageable even for relatively new players, and only other expectation is to participate in events.

Do you have what it takes to be a Basterd?

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We still have a few spots open for some solid, active adventurers who wish to strengthen their kingdom and contribute to the guild. Can’t stress the following enough, we are looking for players who aren’t afraid to share ideas regarding team builds and strategies (help me, help you.)

Here is a link to our discord, feel free to peruse and browse;

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The next Guild Wars is fast approaching. We are still looking for active players who aren’t afraid to post team build suggestions and contribute to the guild!
We are looking for players who are willing to think “outside the box” and post their suggestions. Whatever current meta is the fashion trend is boring and easy to copypasta. We seek players who want to share their ideas, knowing that those suggestions may get picked apart and dissected…that’s the wonderful aspect of creating teams…the more people and feedback are involved, the stronger your team that you suggested will become!

Join the Basterds!..and help us reclaim our greatness!