I'm sure your beta testers already provided this feedback

I completed the new tutorial but still had no idea how to find the new additions from 6.2
It wasn’t until I read the patch notes that I found the new game mode.
Gems of War isn’t, will never be, and should never aspire to be Minecraft. Where companion guides are necessary to succeed in the game. (:eyes: World Event scoring)

Undoubtedly the new stuff is hidden due to, too much stuff on the main screen back lash.
So I propose the novel idea of addition by subtraction.
Move this:
To here:
And but your crap offer in the shop section instead.

Thank you for your time. :slightly_smiling_face:


I couldn’t agree more. There is 0 reason for shrines to be on the world map when every single other item to buy with real money is in the shop menu. It would be like putting invasions on the world map when every other guild event is in the guild menu. Even if it is not replaced with anything please just move shrines to the shop menu.

Even having dungeons on the world map makes more sense since that is something everyone should be doing daily and would be a good reminder. What ever happened to dungeon reminders? I asked about that a few times years ago and Nimhain said it was coming but it never did.


New quick fix after the patch makes this request useless. Lol

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Not quite. The shrines are still on the world map and that exclamation is still there constantly. Even seeing that on your SS is really annoying me. @Jeto any chance the button for the hero thing can be moved to the side and the shrines can be moved to the shop tab where every item that can be bought for real money is?

I know the shrines are on the world map to try and get people to spend more money but people that want to buy the shrines will find them in the shop tab. I don’t care how annoying that exclamation mark is there are people like me that will NEVER EVER buy a shrine.


I’d settle for the shrine notification simply going away after I click on it.


Every time the game annoys you, don’t support it by skipping to buy the things you usually buy.

Good news! The icon is smaller now. Sort of…

Edit: Awwww :slightly_frowning_face: It went away when i booted the game

Oh hey! It seems there is something going on with your shrine too, go check it out!


You meanie!


Although the exclamation marks are generally unpopular, one of the new ones might actually be helping you out. The games ‘!’ associated with the soulforge might actually be a crude fix attempt against recent lag. If soulforge is ‘set’ as upgradeable (even if it technically isnt) unless it is at level 20, then the constant server checks which are believed to have triggered the lags when the soulforge upgrade was introduced will not happen. This is just my theory but considering how activity often peaks with new stuff (secret horde etc) ive not actually experienced any noticeable lag which usually accompanies it. No degraded server icon as yet either. Maybe lag is fixed, kinda.