6.3. patch notes

Patch is live, but no patch notes anywhere to be found.

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There’s an “auto-play” mode, now. No idea why.
Or was that there already and Luther is just now telling me about it?

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Autoplaying Explore and Challenge battles on 1.5x speed…

Potions can now be added to Delves without gems! Every 25 levels beyond 100 grants you a new potion.

Level 200 will get you all potions, including a potion of power.

Every 25 levels past level 200 grants another potion of power.

Autoplay is available at 1.5x speed for Explore and Challenges. It does NOT progress to the next battle automatcally.

The Adventurer’s Path icon below medals is gone for me, woooo! A high-level guildie still sees it though, which is odd.

I just came to share it :slight_smile:

6x Power at level 331


You’re not serious… right?
Also why has this only released for like, a handful of people? xD

I’m finding out more from this new thread than in the original thread I linked below.

Gems of War 2022 Roadmap

Worth noting that autoplay does NOT move on to the next battle. So really only useful if you’re semi-AFK and can progress to the next battle manually. It’s MUCH slower than doing it yourself, but maybe useful for multitasking?

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Android patch notes

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The roadmap is not intended to provide details on any of the updates, so that’s expected :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, no worries. Just saw the official release post.

only my graphic settings on PC or is the button (top right corner) for more delve attempts just almost out of screen?

It looks like this for me:

Edit: I’m also on PC.

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PC/Steam here:

No seriously. What the actual fuck. The mouse cursor in the game is 2x bigger than the cursor on the desktop.
It’s humongously big.

Heck, the UI feels so big now on my 27" monitor in 1920x1080, that I could probably play the game from across the street.
I tried to capture it via Steelseries Moments, but the cursor shows in normal size in the clip. grrr.
Almost feels like it’s running in something like 640x320 and is then stretched to full screen.
To put it into context, the mouse cursor is almost as big as the buttons on the left/right side of the screen.
Great if you’re half blind or playing on tv from 10 meters away, but when I’m sitting 1.5 meters from the screen, it is TOO DAMN BIG WHAT THE HECK?!

Or to put it in another way: I used to be able to see more of the settings page on my screen than I can see now.

This is from maximized windowed mode. 1920x1060 or whatever.
I can’t even see half the settings.

For giggles, I zoomed in on the world map.


And this is as zoomed out as I can do.

I can hardly see anything any more, because it’s all so damned zoomed in, it is actually borderline painful to look at!

Lulz, it gets bettter: if I resize the window to manageable quarter size and drag the window around, the framrate actually drops below 30 fps and it flickers all over the place as I drag it around.
That didn’t happen before. G G
Oh and forgot to mention, if I actually do resize the window to that size, I can’t even interact properly with the steam overlay, because it can’t fit inside the window like it used to be able to.

This is how it’s always looked on Xbox for me. World map too zoomed. I will never understand why you can zoom the world map in so much when there isn’t much to look at. but yeah, welcome to console world.

PS sorry you hate the update so much, didn’t seem like you liked anything about it. :confused:

I do hope the new epic weapons will be offered in Flash Offers or something. My suspicion is that they are from the new starter sets that beginner players are offered but I cannot confirm this. I hate missing so many weapons. Previously I had all but the impossible Cursebreaker weapons.

They will also appear on Soulforge - You get one next week for Pridelands.

I wouldn’t go that far. The delve part seems good, just didn’t have much time to play with it yet (nor the game).
I’m just real annoyed with the UI/video part of the game, especially when they regressed so badly this time after not having bad problems with them for ages (besides complains about the UI setup in general).