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I'm so sick of killing Ancient Horrors and Infernal Kings that spawn from stunned enemies

This CANNOT be that hard to fix. It can’t.

Also, Bone Dragon occasionally only generates very few skulls when removing 30+ armor. Is this a bug? Is it simply coincidentally “replacing” all of the existing skulls without creating any matches?

There does not seem to be a middle ground. Either I get a flood of massive matches or I get nothing when removing 30 armor.

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Actually problems like this can be more difficult to fix than you might think.

The issue is caused by the order the game resolves events that happen. Currently the game will cleanse the dead troop, before resolving any traits that can trigger on death. Why is it done that way? It looks like there were issues with status effects applying after death (yeah, code can be weird sometimes). When it was first written, this particular combination of events didn’t exist, so the issue was never spotted.

We need to make sure that when do we try to address this, we don’t cause other issues. We are also not only looking to fix this one issue, but a couple of similar issues, which requires us to review the order in which the game handles events during battle, and then of course test anything we change. Either way, fixes to the order in which things are resolved require careful planning, and then a full regression test of every troop in the game, which (as you might imagine, given that we’re approaching 300 troops) is a large undertaking, requiring a lot of time. We’re a small team, so prioritizing the most important issues is key for us… Is this one important? Sure! But we need to give priority to things (like server performance) sometimes, because it has a much higher impact on the entire playerbase.

We’ll certainly get to addressing this issue, but we need to ensure it’s done at most opportune time, so we can be as efficient as possible.

As for the Bone Dragon, he creates skulls randomly. This means that he can create a new skull over an existing skull. He is a Risk/ Reward troop that can sometimes work in your favor, but he may also backfire.


TLDR: you know nothing, Jon Snow…

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too bad that you cant set the traits in a priority list. and make a special trait that does cleanse on the troops you want to trigger after death that shouldn’t be effected by the stun.

i love coding and figuring bugs. :slight_smile: its my favorite part

This is also kind of a problem, Lady Aanriel is another good example. Her text says she creates 8 blue and 8 green gems. What actually happens is she creates 16 gems overwriting some of the same color and her own created gems. Which in effect is not creating anything.

A single slot should not be able overwritten by the same thing, and not acted upon more than once per action.

And I will use sheggra as an example.

  1. Cast the spell
  2. Create 6 red gems where there wasn’t already a red gem, including over skulls.
  3. Turn all the red gems into skulls.
  4. End spell
  5. Resolve matches
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I’m a developer by trade, so I am well aware of how difficult bugs can be to fix. While I’m obviously not familiar with this game’s model, I do not really see how the explanation given (the order) matches reality. It sounds to me like troop death is handled incorrectly, leading to fixing this being a low priority.

As for gem/skull “creators,” they aren’t really creating anything if they’re first destroying the same thing. That is very misleading.


While that sounds like an easy solution, it not only requires an check on every gem, but there has to be safeguards to prevent a hang. If you have a red heavy board and go to make more red gems than there are non-red spots, what happens? Does the game just keep randomly trying to place it forever? What if there are 9 slots and you’re making 8, how do you code to find that without spending a ton of cycles until you randomly get it right? What if the troop makes two colors, say red and yellow, do you allow an existing red to be replaced by a yellow and vice versa? If so, dual spawners are suddenly much weaker than the now boosted single spawners. Then there is a matter of balance, maybe instead of making 8 reds it should only make 6, since red would be too strong in a red heavy board. But doing that nerfs the spell on neutral or red light boards.

So you see, a seemingly simple idea has far ranging and potentially unbalancing impact.


what is strange is that Jarl works properly, but lady Anriel does not… can we get a fix at some point?

make dokkalfar stronger, also ancient horror is not scary enough.

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Not sure if this is the right place to share, but it certainly goes along with the OP

I have noticed that Life Drain is functioning incorrectly, particularly on Spider Queen.
I have been exploring in Drifting Sands with a Bombot Team, and when she is in first slot my first Bot should kill her, but she has 4 life, because her trait activates when a troop behind her, or after her death dies.
If she is the only troop left, second bot finishes her off, but if there is another straggler behind her, then I am faced with the same issue a Spider Queen with 4 HP left over even though she DIED before the other troop which activated her trait.

Hope that makes sense… my brain is feeling sloggy right now… Thursdays… YUCK! :weary:

Not at all. The problem is not difficult. If you exclude the original type from the calculation, then you are indeed creating. Otherwise it’s replacing, as I said.

For double creators, it’s no different. Even in the absurdly improbable scenario where there are fewer spaces available, you would simply cap the limit at whatever the availability is.

If you want to create 8 blue and 8 green gems, you create a bucket of 16 gems (8 blue, 8 green). You then randomly select 16 non-blue/green gem slots and randomly replace them from the bucket.

By excluding existing gems of a certain color, you are essentially changing “create” to “transform”.

If somehow the board got so full of a color without cascading, I would expect a “No target available”.[quote=“Rasper, post:8, topic:15110”]
What if the troop makes two colors, say red and yellow, do you allow an existing red to be replaced by a yellow and vice versa?

If the creates are worded with an “And” then they are one action, in Yarls case it says create 9 red and 9 yellow, then deal x damage.

  1. Cast spell
  2. Create 9 red and 9 yellow gems where there already is not a red or yellow gem.
  3. Deal X damage to a troop
  4. Resolve matches

If it cannot create 18 gems on a board with 64 gems, then that action fails and you get “No Target Available.”

Im not sure he does. Just tried him, difficult to tell but I don’t think he is working exactly the same as anariel, both creates happen at the same time with Yarl. But I just watched Anariel distinctly do blue create then green over the previous blue.

In a way yes, Create implies that there is a net gain of a color on the board.

@sirrian @nimhain care to clarify on these two colour creators?

Troops lose status effects upon death, then death status traits trigger. The game uses a fairly simple scripting system that follows a set order of operations. Back when @Mr.Strange was a console developer, he would occasionally give out valuable pieces of info on how the black box of the game works.

Trust me it could be worse, you could be stuck in a cell and forced to listen this song over and over again

Dokkalfar’s third trait sometime wins me games, just need to trait the darn thing.