If u Want Peace

#Prepare for War

I haven’t seen it yet so I’ll kick it off, this thread serves the sole purpose of posting and debating teams of War… That is teams containing the troop war so here’s mine, named after the title:

Ready or not…

#Welcome to the Cellar

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Holy balls that is some messed up kinds of dookie.

I don’t get why people think Nobend Brothers are worth anything in a team, i know that there is a bug putting the same atack team as defense or the other way around, but it means that in one of these said teams there is Nobend Brothers…

Can anyone verify War’s 3rd trait cost? I wanna know if I should pick up extra lava stones

It has been confirmed.

So you know how much it costs?

Yes i know how much it costs for all 3traits thanks to a post by someone else.
@Mufasha i am too lazy can you post the pics here with spoiler text please?

Can you maybe link it for me? I haven’t seen it anywhere

If you have access that is.

Ahhhhh drag, I do not

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And the other 2 if you do not mind please.

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I’m on mobile takes a second

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Thanks, i am too lazy and you are on mobile. still nice pics though.


My pics r from mobile too

Hopefully our sage in the sky can update her troop list with this info.

Thanks a ton @killerman3333 and @Mufasha

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The thread title was deliberate, “If u Want Peace” fits in the team name area, “If You Want Peace” is too long. “If you want peace, prepare for war” is a literal expression which is how I came to choose the name
If you think the title is more meaningful with the edit that’s fine but can you let me know so I don’t change it back :slight_smile:

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