Spot the Famine Chat Channel Challenge

Hello everyone! Last time War came out a lot of ridiculously low leveled players were obtaining him. I forget who post it, but I believe the record for War was level 8. Let’s see who can find the lowest leveled player to obtain Famine. I’ll start us off:


So the guy I spotted was actually level 1 when I first looked, but when I went back he was level 2 by then. Either way, it’d be hard to beat a level 2 anyway.

Good luck to the others. >.>


i think he already wins, grats athilias

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Wow O_O…

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Yeah, I was quite surprised to see it myself, being that I generally don’t look at people’s level when they get mythics (since so many high level people get mythics in the chat).

and so many DONT, this was his 2ND TROOP, EVER… it took tacet 6k glory keys

Does that mean he pulled it from a normal chest or did you get a glory key starting out (I honestly don’t remember)?

You get a free gem key when doing training with Luther I think.

Lucky Bugger :sunglasses:


this… his first and only gem chest… and its famine

I think that his level is low to do anything ,so, maybe got the gem key from the code?