Idk if you guys know this or not ug doesn't identify doomskulls as skulls in skull matches

No a big deal except if the AI doesn’t recognize them then defense teams don’t use them first and that is bad. Can we fix it

You need to be more specific. Provide screenshots and describe a few examples in detail.
As for the AI, AI will go for the skulls in 90-95% of cases. I think that this is an intended behavior.

He mean that AI often take a normal 3 match skulls when there’s also a 3 match with a doomskull, seen that quite often, but then, we dont know if it does like that for some reasons (cough, cascades from the sky, cough) or just cuz AI consider Skull and Doomskulls as the same thing.

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Hey sorry for the massively delayed reply!

I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue in testing.
The AI chooses skull matches that includes Doomskulls for me.

It’s possible the AI might decide that filling its mana is more important than a skull match sometimes which may be what you’ve seen.