Idea for Common, rare and ultra-rare troops

Hi, I started playing GoW a couple months ago. At this moment I do have a nice team going on full of legendaries.

I miss my common, rare and ultra-rare troops though. As the game is structured I really don´t think I will ever use them again on pvp, explore, pet challanges, and so on.

I was thinking on some ways to let us make good usage of them again.

  1. PvP modes where we can only enter with common/rares or ultra-rare troops.
  2. Specific Events where we need to use a Common Troop to complete a special quest for that troop.
  3. Special quests that give old troops new stuff as a reward. Could be: New Art, a Change of a Trait (Buff or a new trait), a change on the troop Skill, and so on.
  4. How about a new game mode. “Kingdom Defense”. Where an Army is attacking a random Kingdom each week. We need to defend it, but The amount of Troop Cards we have in stock would increase it´s power. So, if we have 500 mad prophets they would be a lot stronger than 1 legendary.

I know I am not the best one to talk about this stuff since I´ve been playing the game for only 2 months. But It´s so sad that even my “new” account don´t use any of them anymore.

Idea 1 is basically just arena, Idea2 would take a long to accomplish as there are 606 creatures, Idea 3 doesn’t make sense because we can’t just change out a trait for a different one, and idea 4 does sound intriguing, but it would not be easy for the devs.
Afterall, if traits were interchangeable, they might as well just let us make our own creatures.

I think idea 2 could work as long as you had to use 4 separate commons at a time. No weapon.
I had suggested something similar as a game for new players. Make the rewards souls and stones. The two things a new player can never find enough of.

Idea 4 would be great for me. I have 2000 zombies, enough to make my own gems of the walking dead series.

As far as Idea 1: I really do not agree. Yes, arena is like that, but Arena forces you to pick between 3 troops. I thought more on the line of having us only picking Common/rare or Ultra-rare. Maybe not even at the same time. It could be really cool doing something like dungeons with low quality troops. Like a challange.

Idea 2: Well, They could pick 1 troops for each kingdom or have it being done for 3-5 troops at a time (each week).

Idea 3: I was not saying that we (as the players) would pick one. I meant like we got a buff on a trait or the Devs pick a new one as a Reward for those Special Quests.

Idea 4: I am just trying to contribute… I really have no idea of how much work would be needed for implement those ideas =)

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