I try to be nice and make event defenses to help others out

And all I find when I come home, is that they’ve been steamrolled by a bunch of 1K’s with the same combination of Korvash, Mab and/or Famine for a defense.

Personally I would love to see an Event for Defense teams to not contain OPs.

However, I must say this week I have smashed through with my Dragon team everything. I am playing at 3 trophies almost exclusively. (there is the occasional revenge in the 2 or 1 trophy slot)…
Dragontaur fully traited, TDS (2 traits) Kry (no traits) BD (no traits)… I really like blowing up the entire board :slight_smile:

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I am loving the new Monk
Dragon Soul

All mythic, 20, 3 traits. Monk blocks no mana, can typically barrier the entire team when cast which helps against AE (Kraken renders it moot though). Or I can use it to hit enough red/purple to fill DS. Or I can cleverly use it to make a 4+ match.

As for defense, if the event is “kill xyz” type I’ll build a defense of 4 of them. If not, I like to switch it up.


yeah, this week ppl who want to help with defense dont really have any guidelines how to do it other then making a plainly “looser deck”, its only natural not everyone would make such

especailly seeing as event stones are hard to get this week.