I Suggest we have troops that turn other troops & heroes to Stone

I thought having troops with the ability & traits to turn others to Stone! And by that i mean gray stone statues of themselves, and the be immobilized. Course you make a troop with an ability & traits to cure the immobilization. I was thinking about Medusa. In Greek mythology, Medusa , also called Gorgo, was one of the three monstrous Gorgons, generally described as winged human females with living venomous snakes in place of hair. Those who gazed into her eyes would turn to stone. Most sources describe her as the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto. Medusa - Wikipedia <–that’s the link about Medusa, and i thought you all could make a new kingdom or just add them with the Mist of Scales Kingdom, but the link would help you all understand where Medusa came from. It be nice to have a troop turn others to stone and they can’t move lol. UPDATE ON POST: I have to point out too, if all the enemy troops was turned to stone the player that turned them to stone would win because all any troops that was turned to stone could not attack, could not cast spells, could not gain mana, all traits and abilities be disabled they would die and become statues and you would not have to attack the immobilized troops. :grinning:

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Maybe too similar to Silenced (can’t cast) + Entangled (can’t attack)? Lots of nice mythology around turning to stone though!

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i updated my post, but yes Maisie it would be nice to have a troop to turn others to stone and they can’t move, they be completely immobilized. (couldn’t do anything) Course the developers would have to add a troop with a spell to made them move again. :grinning:

To make it balanced, the stoned (pun intended) troop should not take any damage to it.

The big question is – how would this functionally affect gameplay? Consider Terraxis’s spell “Petrify” (convert Blue to Brown + damage all enemies) where the actual effect doesn’t seem to have much thematic relation to the spell name or art. The most fun spells are not just the ones with good usecases, but also make sense for the theme of character involved.

Now if this was a status ailment, how might it work? I’m going to just toss out a random idea here:

  • Reduces incoming Skull damage to 1 + becomes Impervious to other status ailments, but receives 1.5x spell damage. Does not wear off over time, but instead after taking 2 hits from Skulls (or 1 hostile spell). Can of course be Cleansed.
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Yes! When they turn to stone they can’t get mana or attack with spells, The troop that was turned to stone would be a statue and would be dead and not receive damage. I updated my post. :slight_smile:

when their immobilized (turned to stone) they can’t act they can’t get mana, use spells, or attack. They can’t do anything they be a statue and be dead. And if all enemy troops was dead the player that turned them to stone would win. I updated my post. :slight_smile:

What i was thinking if the troop gets immobilized (can’t move gets turned stone you know a big statue lol) they can’t attack, can’t cast spells, can’t get mana, all traits and abilities be disabled. And they can’t get damaged because they’re dead, and if you turned them all to stone you win. :grinning:

As much as I like the idea, I feel like it’s too powerful. Also, we already have multiple status ailments that make your team useless and adding more would just be bloat.

Plus, you can guarantee that given a year or two a troop or class would come out that petrified on 4 matches and the power gamers would defend it to the death saying that other stuff should be buffed instead of the blatantly op thing being nerfed and it would just remain broken as hell for the rest of time.

Meaning that they are counted as dead for the purposes of ending the battle (which is pretty common for status conditions called “Petrify”).

But as pointed out, this has a VERY high risk of being OP to the point of game-breaking and it would be quite difficult to design around … for example, to toss some more ideas around:

  • Petrified troop cannot give or receive any damage, is knocked to last position and counted as dead
  • Quite low RNG of inflicting this status (comparable to Devour / Lethal Damage)
  • Standard cumulative 10% chance per turn to recover (also curable via any Cleansing action including Blessed, passive traits and Badges/Medals of Orpheus)
  • Limit 1 Petrify effect active at any time, if a 2nd Petrify occurs the first one is removed

Something like this would be sorta like a lesser version of Lethal Damage because it’s temporary. Pushing the affected Troop to last position could make it useful against summoners and Stealthy troops (same as normal troop-order strategies).

But I have to side with Asmodous generally – aside from the unique presentation it doesn’t offer much that we can’t do via other means (Essence of Evil anyone?), and the possibility of it dominating the metagame / causing power creep over time is VERY real. And you don’t have to look far – Lycanthropy gems causing random Transforms, or just one glance at Megavore’s 3rd trait…