New upgrade ideaTurn troops to stone

Hello Gems of War players i have a new troop idea! How about a new troop that can turn heros and. Troops to STONE where they cant do anything lol and the spell can be called Gaze of Medusa. Just a suggestion the troop could be Medusa after all in one of the movies i watched Hercules batter her she was a Snake creature but she is a goddess so she can look like a woman that has the power to turn things to stone by the stap of her fingers lol. Point is please make a troop called Medusa that turns heros & troops to stone or make her as a new Boss. Make her a mythic for Mist of Scales her power can turn them to stone where the troop or hero cant move and loses points from all stats each turn & see freeze they can attack but being turn to stone they cant do ANYTHING at all.

How would this be different from freeze, as far as the effect on troops is concerned?

The request isn’t for just losing extra turns, but rather all action. And, I assume, also mana generation or skull hits.

So a super status that reduces a troop to just its health and armor—no spell, no attack, (no traits?).

Sounds too OP to me, but I could be down for some sort of cast-able Great Maw status—permanently, for ONE enemy, apply silence.





I updated my post being turned to stone they cant do or gain Anything…

I updated my post but ya cantt do anything and loses stats each turn why spell is in effect.

Ya they cant do anything because they are made of stone its a troop spell they lose stats each turn. I updated my post.

So what happens when the top enemy troop gets Stoned (besides it getting the munchies :stuck_out_tongue: ) and it does a 3-skull match?


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Lol that joke is funny the troop that gets stoned can not do anything no skull attacks no spells all it does do is lose staus each turn on health armor magic and loses its traits until the spell wears off like it has a 10% chance to wear off each turn like all the rest of them. :smiley: