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I lost my account[SOLVED]

I lost my account and i cant log in. My invite code is Asiral, level 804, im in huild Heroes united.
Please devs help me!!!


You can use this site to send in a ticket.

I already submitted a ticket. Im blocked for over a day.

Thanx for the info.

Crazy suggestion but I think… and I might be wrong… but I think the way it used to be was that if you didn’t play for a while your account changed from ACCOUNTNAME to ACCOUNTNAME_DEACTIVATED

Could you try logging in that way? This is a total shot in the dark for me.

I played day by day not even a day break.

I figured at that level.

Well that blows my only idea out the window.

I tried lol

Thanx anyway.

I forgot to mention that i lost account because my children uninstaled the game. And after i cant log to my old acc.

I recoverd my account. The devs solved the problem after a day.
Thanx to the devs.


Thanx to Kafka.