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I have a suspicious feeling

So anyone else feeling like after the 3.4. Unity upgrade all the fixes and modifications to gem spawn/refresh after the Initial Unity switch have been erased again? Once again the game feels like in perma skullstorm and full matches seem to be falling into the board like there is no tomorrow.


Yes, the game feels different now somehow. Using the same teams as before, it seems like faster wins. Or faster losses, when the AI gets the upper hand.

Fast is good.
I’m ok with fast.

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Yep I have noticed that. I just had a match where I had an Infernus/Dawnbringer/Ishabaala all with full health vs 1 almost dead troop on the ai’s side I just took a 3 pair and filled Infernus all I had to do was wait for the ai to make a move and I would win but instead the ai took a 3 pair that then cascaded enough skull matches to kill all 3 of my troops in a single turn. Quite often after Infernus explodes the board is half filled with skulls and doomskulls.

Another thing I have noticed is that 4/5 gem matches don’t give me an extra turn. It happened again in my last battle I took a 5 pair that gave Infernus 10 mana but I didn’t get an extra turn out of it and no I wasn’t frozen the ai hadn’t had a turn yet and it didn’t have anything that could freeze me. I have lost quite a few battles this week because of not getting the extra turn.

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Doomskulls are another accelerator, especially since they can chain react. I haven’t played any battles where I’m actually focusing since the patch but cascades seem about where they were before (ie., extremely spiky).
I don’t think the game particularly needed another accelerator with PvP being the way it is now, but it is about what I expected.

I’ve seen this about half a dozen times. Several times on the very first move - I swipe an obvious match 4-5 and click to cast my mana generator but notice the enemy is taking a turn. I thought I might have been getting the “gems swipe in the wrong direction” thing or maybe my eyes playing tricks because I’m playing very quickly, but now that you mentioned this, I noticed that I did indeed get the correct amount of mana, I just didn’t get the turn. And no, not frozen, and no, not matching a doomskull into my match 4 and blowing it up. I might have to record a batch to see what this is about…


missing free turns as well here

i have noticed the 4-5 match not giving extra turns also. Not alot, maybe 1 in 20, but it happens too much


Proof of it happening


Yeah something is definitely off with this game. I came here to see if others had noticed the perpetual bonestorm too. These Cinco de Mayo skulls are banging me around like a piñata.

is it just the holiday skulls or are skulls dropping a lot more ???

Doomskull are dropping like crazy, they seems at least as common as normal skulls… And they are supposed to be dropping 10% of the skull but they are more like 50% loll

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Someone definitely left the bonestorm switch turned on. Skulls are falling much more frequently than prior to the update. I had hoped it had something to do with the Cinco de Mayo skulls and would be over by the weekend, but apparently that was for naught.

I have also had the no extra turn experience multiple times, most frequently on the first match of the game. I’m beginning to think it has something to do with playing too fast, but I don’t have sufficient evidence to support that theory.

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Or is it only okay when it’s your Paranoia and not mine? Interesting. :thinking:

How intriguing. Thought outside verification would please you. On the other hand, I guess nothing I do now could do that.


I concur with these suspicions.

Unity skull cascades seem dafter than ever.

A couple of 4-match bugs are known to the devs and I suspect others.

  1. 4-matches can get missed on your first turn occasionally (I’ve not experienced this but many here and in my guild have reported it)
  2. 4-matches can be destroyed by doomskulls before the extra turn is registered (I’ve had this, and reported it)

I’ve definitely experiennced others, and I use loop/control teams most of the time so I seriously notice when the turn passes when it shouldn’t.

When you get the 4-match issue - does the ‘extra turn’ message pop up?

PS: guys don’t start trolling each other here…


Fine Jainus…
My theory is…

  1. The code is pushing Doomskulls to hard. Instead of 1/10 normal skulls dropping a Doom skull. “RnG” is being told… Push 10% skulls from drops with 1/10 being DmS.
  2. When in spoilers Cyrup tried to explain Doomskulls to us. They were like normal skulls sometimes… But not the same other times. We were all confused… So I bet the AI controlling RNG is confused as well.

Doomskulls + luck factor (even a slight edge to the AI) + over powered troops (Raids) = a huge negative cause and effect from 3.4.
Luckily, for the devs, too many are distracted by doing pet rescues to notice the AI being once again… Increased in difficulty.

Cascades in general seem to be getting worse as well.

I have never got 2 maps from cascades on my first turn before


Concur with the missing extra turn on 4/5 matches as well. First couple of times I was confused and thought I had made a wrong move somehow but now I’m sure it happened.

Pinging @Saltypatra @Nimhain and @Cyrup to help investigate.

Hey guys, when we added doomskulls we accidentally made skulls more common overall by accident. The team is looking at a fix.

Says my crystal ball.