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I don't have anything against math, but

…it’d be nice if the game could automatically calculate how much damage a spell would do. Those ones where the damage is based off stat totals across multiple troops are particularly troublesome. When I’m using Tesla, for example, I don’t want to have to count all the points of armor and then divide by four, rounding down if necessary, to see how much damage she’ll do. And then of course you have to add up all the health points for all four enemy troops to see if she’ll do enough damage to finish them all off.

The game is already doing all that work to actually do the spell damage. Would it be so hard to add a display that shows you how much damage it’ll do, before you cast it?

And while I’m here, what kind of a weird boost ratio is 17:100 on Ubastet? Not only is 17 prime, but shouldn’t the ratio be inverted? Or is it really adding 100 points of spell damage for every 17 points of attack? As if he wasn’t already overpowered enough…

(In case it matters, I’m playing on Xbox One.)


It’s a visual bug that translate to 1:6 if I remember correctly.

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But as RiverSong suggests it is a visual bug that will be addressed in the 4.1 update.


It’s nice that Ubastet’s spell will be fixed. Anyone else like the idea of a damage calculator for spells?


I wouldn’t mind a damage calculator, though keep in mind it won’t work for any spell that is boosted by targets selected (troops or gems) so it doesn’t totally alleviate the problem.


calculator apps on smartphones are a wonderful thing

I want tooltips for everything I hover over! And always make the hints the best possible moves! And automatically make those moves!

That’s a bit of a stretch, but sure, let’s take it to the extreme. A bit of hyperbole never ever hurt anyone ever.