I am dumb, please show me how much (boosted) damage I will deal!

So, I had this issue basically for a long time, but I didn’t say anything because I figured someone likely requested it before and I just couldn’t find it - and I didn’t want to look like a dumbbutt. But the truth is that I am a dumbbutt and the new nerf showed me once again that I need help.

Please show me, when I am about to cast a spell that gets boosted, how much damage I would deal. I had trouble deciding when it was good to use Ubastet’s spell before and now, with the nerf, it’s gotten worse. I don’t have time to sit in front of the game with a calculator and do math. I am also not good at math. Also a relaxing, casual game should not require me to do math.

Just…add somewhere how much damage I would do? Please?




Ubastet in particular does “Damage boosted by all Ally and Enemy Attack” so in order to give you the “number” you are requesting you would have to give us your Hypothetical “team” as well as your “Hypothetical” Opponents team so we could calculate the damage and provide it :wink:
(PS a screen shot of both teams in the match would be enough if we can see those values of course)


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Dude, I want the game to tell me, not you! :joy: I can’t really turn to the forum every time before I fire Ubastet (whcih would be like every minute) with a screenshot and ask you to tell me (or can I?:stuck_out_tongue: ) I would just like an info on the side of the screen, like how it is when I select a gem color to explode with Ragnagord - there it tells me how many gems of each color are there, which is perfect. I want that for the damage, too.:laughing:


My apologies I read your request wrong. That would be useful but not sure if we’ll ever see that implemented. Ask Salty she loves you :wink:



I have nothing to add so i’ll post a bunny with bunny ears hat for redundant extra cuteness. Just to be sure:


Hmm…maybe I should!

  1. Do you really love me?:rabbit:
  2. Could you (personally) implement this request?:rabbit:
  3. :rabbit: (Bunny for good measure)

Also I’m glad you know so well how to make a supportive and productive post that helps with the thread!:blush:


I have been thinking about this for so long. I was actually setting out to make a request thread for this in the future, it would be VERY nice. Ubastet is one of the more difficult ones to calculate, but there are some others that this could really help us out with fast-calculating their damage.

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Rabbit fetish lady needs help with math. - Thread summary.

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The game does tell you…
Uba does his base damage (22 for me)

  • 17/100 boost ratio.
    Most matches adding all 8 people is 200 plus. Thats atleast 34.+22 + any amount over 200 attack…its actually about a mental 2 secs to do the math.

It’s not difficult, nor very time consuming for me to calculate the damage from my troops, it’s just a Quality of Life thing.

I want a bunny dress, too, so I totally understand and I approve of the direction this topic is going. :stuck_out_tongue:


Then you are not a dumbbutt! :smiley: (I need like 2-3 minutes to do it… I SERIOUSLY am bad at math.)


No, I think most people call me a smartass. :grin:

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Then we are like the booty version of Yin and Yang!:grin:


Cheek to Cheek, we stand!


I did a battle with Ubastet just now and and the boost shows 17:100 maybe it means 17 damge for each person Ubastet spell does 23 damage to 2 weakest enemies boosted by all ally and enemy attack when i started his magic was 21 i think anyways i used my hero priest with divine protector to damage the weakest enemy for 2 turns then when Ubestet turn came up again after 2 turns his attack went up and magic went up 1 point each turn the attack was 27 and magic 23 i attacked with 27 damage i killed my foe that had 22 health do 21 damage to him and the other received 65 then died instantly i had 4 troops on my side and two foes 6 al together so i thing 5 damage per troop added 20 damage your side 20 damage on foes side 40 damage together adding to Ubastets attack. Honestly i thing you subtract17 from 100 17:100 = 83 max damage or divide 17 with 100 to get 17.0 which is 17 damage for each troop 17x4 = 136 well hmm i think my theroy is better 20 damage each troop plus what Ubastet does, its hard to add up since his attack goes up each turn and well 1000 health and 999 attack is the max for any troop boosted by magic attack… Check his magic attack each turn and add 5 for each troop alive. :slight_smile:

I quite understand the request (hey, @Sheba by the way)…
It really feels like a missing feature.
After all, the game is “able” to check the Gem count when you are about to cast a Spell either depending on it or altering it (say, Krystenax and Mercy, for example).

Then we have the likes of Ubastet, Tesla, Shadow Hunter and co.
It would NOT be that hard to hint the amount of Damage to be dealt as it is already set prior to casting.
The same would aply to Troops whose Spell Damage is based on its own Statistics (Sunbird, Rowanne).

However, there are some tricky beasts out there, with some "not so well written " mechanics.
One for the record is our beloved Yao Guai.
Deal [Magic + 2] damage to the first 2 enemies, boosted by my Life. Steal 4 Magic from both enemies. Transform all Purple Gems to Red.
The real Damage dealt is in fact potentially [Magic + 10] + 1/3 own Life (rounded) as it steals Magic PRIOR to dealing Damage (and I wrote potentially as it does not get to steal Magic from a Webbed enemy, unless I am mistaken here).
I am not sure that the game could check the opposition’s available Magic as easily as I mentionned above regarding other calculations.

And you would still have to check the Red matches on Purple conversion for Life steal (Corruption Trait).


Good points here @EpicurusHFC. I was thinking a little about his as well, like troops that have their damage boosted by certain gems destroyed, or what have you. It would take some work and lots of carefully looking over each troops spell to ensure it works well with each one, but it would be a very nice and welcome feature!