Show us Dynamic Boost Damage

Similar with Dynamic Damage by Magic buff (Pink colour in Skill set), Would love to have Dynamic Damage by Boost Ratio as well.

For example, Yao Guai, life with 60, Deal extra damage boosted by his life (3:1), if we can have exactly Boots Damage (20) under Boost Ratio bar, That would be great.


Waiting soooo long for this!

Bumping this. You could even use the pop-up that appears (showing ā€œx2ā€ for example) to show the total amount of damage when you wait for a couple of seconds (similarly to how the status effects pop-ups change to explain what the effect does exactly if you wait a couple of seconds).

I hate bringing out my calculator when Iā€™m about to cast Ubastet in delves.

Same here. Bring it on! :slight_smile:

Remember there was a time that before we decided to cast a gem creator, we had to manually count how many of that gem color were there on the board?

This is exactly the same, there is no need to make us bring up a calculator for Ubastet or Ketras, so please whatever thought process made the devs realize a gem count was necessary, I hope it kicks in again to add that result on the right of the screen next to the ratio for example.
Quality of life improvement chance right here devs, take it please!

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