I can't start the game after the latest update

I tried to start the game today but saw only a black screen. My device is Samsung galaxy A8+, Android 9. What should I do now?

Uninstall, clear memory cache and re-install usually works.

(Just make sure you’ve made a note of your Invite Code or e-mail and password before you do…!!)

Thanks for the advice. I really had to completely re-install the game but I couldn’t find the note or e-mail with my inviting code. Nevertheless I re-installed it and a miracle happened: the game immediately connected to my account without any necessity to remember the code.


Glad you got it sorted out :+1:

FYI in future, your Invite Code is at the bottom of the Settings Page.

If you go to the Account Tab on Settings, you can Register your Account, Recover your Account and Show Password for the Account.