"I believe in higher power" steam achievement should trigger

There is a steam achievement that triggers when you have at least 5 kingdoms at level 15. I have almost all kingdoms to level 15. Playing steam I updated another kingdom to level 16, but it didn’t trigger.

What if someone had every kingdom to 15 already? They’d never be able to get this achievement.

Really weird, indeed. I have all kingdoms at least 15, Leonis Empire at 16. Not sure what triggered the achievement, but it got triggered on 4/1

You need POWER level 15 for this achievement, not upgrading kingdoms to level 15 by spending deeds and gold.


Doh … you’re 100% absolutely correct. Kingdom level is what I describe. Power level are the kingdom stars

Doh! OK user error, so I need to level up a kingdom after reset and hopefully it will notice I’ve got so many 15+ power levels and the problem will be solved.