[NOT A BUG] Achievement should be finished, but is not

Windows 7 / Steam.


Have 8 Kingdoms pictured at Power 15.
The other achievement popped twice. (Social Climber).

The power level trophy isn’t retroactive, unlocked when I upgraded a kingdom to lvl15. (PS4)

There needs to be a trigger for this achievement. It would trigger when you upgrade the next kingdom to 15.

Opening a chaos portal seems to do it.
Thanks to @peffsi for this information.


I have upgraded a troop with a trait, triggered the conditions, too.
But thanks for the tip with the chaos shard, perhaps opening a chest, would do it, too.

I just tried opening chests: No luck.

Also I tried upping a Kingdom from 10 to 11 (I’m 726 writs short of being able to Craft another Imperial Deed to get it to 15 :frowning: ) but it didn’t trigger.

You do not need imperial deeds for power level.
You need at least 5 kingdoms with 15 stars.
You try to increase the level of the kingdom not the power level. If you open a chaos portal and the achievement does not pop, you don’t have enough at power level 15.
For power level 15 you need a myth of this kingdom, a pet on level 20 and a lot traited troops and a lot of them on level 20.

You need power not level. @HounganAtLarge
This is the reason why you do not have any progress. More than 5 kingdoms at Level 15, but perhaps none with power level 15. The marked value has to be 15. Leonis is level 14, but power level 16.

just spend 20 chaos shards on portal


It does not work if there are not 5 with power level 15.
it seems that some players have a misunderstanding between the two values.
I hope my earlier post with the screenshot helps to understand.

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Ok, that worked, thanks :+1:

I have to admit I don’t understand why this is even raised. I play on steam and mobile and although I have achieved everything in the game I don’t have all achievements on either platform. On steam I haven’t even achieved the “play the tutorial” badge. I was just assuming that those achievements aren’t made passively and that’s just the way it is? If not, can we maybe fix all the other achievements too?

@MagiBelgr please contact support regarding the tutorial badge.