I might be first player to upgrade all kingdoms to level 15

And a few days later, new xbox achievement comes out to upgrade 5 to level 15. I should have enough deeds to build a 2nd book for 4 colors before campaign done. I will need 36 Imperials to upgrade 12 kingdoms to 16, since I have so many books. By Monday, I will have enough to upgrade my first kingdom to 16. I use free $$ from game pass achievements and rewards to buy $10 campaign, which is why I have so many books

Power Level 15 =/= Kingdom Level 15

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you don’t need books to upgrade power. So, I figure you would have realized I meant level, not power. But thanks for the heads up

on xbox, I took screen shots and posted it in a few gem clubs.

This, though. The achievement isn’t for Kingdom Levels, as you suggest, but rather Power Levels, so deeds are (currently—stay tuned for the mid-20s of Power Level onward) irrelevant.

EDIT also to say: Congrats! :partying_face:

Pretty cool to have all those extra stat points. I still have 5 sub-15 (one is 16 for medal farming), so you’re ahead of at least one endgamer on Xbox!

I don’t mean to rain on your parade, just clarify a point for anyone misunderstanding.

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thanks for pointing out my mistake. And today, I just upgraded my 3rd kingdom to 16. I am around 340-350 gold elite troops. My guild has at least 4 players hitting between 450-500 gold elite.

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I wish one of the tracking sites had a LB for gold elite troops. I know you can see what you have upgraded but it’d be cool to see where you stand against the ‘top’.

And on topic… #humblebrag :smile: