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How to upload video clips when on Xbox One?

Simple question : How do you upload clips when on the Xbox One to the forum? Trying to figure this out so I can post a clip I had recorded for another topic.

Step by step answers would be greatly appreciated! Couldn’t find this information anywhere else in the forums.



Not quite sure what you have to do to get a clip from Xbox One, but to get it on this forum you will likely need to upload it to something like YouTube first then post that link to the forum.

@Tacet Thanks for the advice about uploading it to YouTube. : )

So, I think I’ve figured it out…

I had to :

  1. Record the clip using the game DVR in Xbox One.
  2. Share the recorded clip with OneDrive.
  3. Download the clip from Onedrive.
  4. Upload the downloaded clip to YouTube.
  5. Created my new forum post and linked the video from YouTube.

Thank you and hopefully this post helps out other Xbox One users.


Here is a brief video of a slightly different method to upload to youtube from an X1. But the method mention above works perfectly. I’m sure there are additional methods as well.

I suppose you could just send a direct link to the video bypassing all the youtube nonsense as well.




That looks like an even better way to do it. :grinning:

Thanks for the info!!

you just have to press the middle button and then “x”. that will record the last 30 second of your gameplay, you can adjust these settings if you want and you can even start recording for a specified period of time. if you want to view, download or share your clips on social media then you can go to xbox clips and search for your gamertag.

The tips are very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing.