How do you record a video of the game?

I have seen people post videos of their game sessions, and I was wondering: How do you guys record your games? Which software do you use? Do you record every single game in case there’s something interesting or you find a bug etc.?

for my parts, I use Camtasia studio

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Not sure what device your playing GoW on, but for computers, you can use many software’s that allows one to create a video of anything you’re doing on screen. Be it playing a game, creating artwork, etc. I have done this for other applications, but not GoW since I play on console. (XB1)

But as for the XB1, it’s cool because it has a built-in DVR so even after something has occurred, I can simply tell it to record the past few moments as needed. Be it 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, etc. This helps in being able to share this if needed. … I’m not sure about those on computers though? I find it hard to believe people are simply recording all the time in case something happens? But I may be wrong?

Unless they are simply trying to reproduce an error/action to show it here?

On the iPad I use Vidyo. On Steam I use Quicktime (since I use Steam in a Windows virtual machine on the Mac).

I use OBS. I created a streaming preset and an offline recording preset. For offline recording you can crank up the quality of the video to ensure it is HD when you upload it to Youtube or other video hosting websites.

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I use OBS too, it’s very easy to understand and the quality is pretty good.

My bad, forgot to mention this. I’m playing on PC (Steam).

Actually, this is what I was interested in. I know Nvidia ShadowPlay does something similar for PC, but I can’t use it because it requires a recent Nvidia GTX GPU.

Can any of the software mentioned in this thread do this? i.e. sit and record the last 20 minutes or so, but only save on demand? Or does anyone know another software which can do this?

I use Debut Video Capture on the PC, I don’t bother on iPad…

Debut is easy to use (even I manage it as a complete technophobe) - and quality is good. You do need to control on/off manually though, so I only record when I am trying to demo something…

Unfortunately, like Jainus mentions, the one’s I’m familiar with have to be operated manually. Not sure if any of them work such as the DVR I mentioned XB1 has? But I’m sure if there is one, (which wouldn’t surprise me) someone here would be able to point you in the right direction.

Control - Shift - F12 after the fact :wink:

Nvidia Shadowplay has the last 15 mins of screencaps on hand! So if there is anything of interest, I save the last 15 mins to HDD :smiley:


I normally use OBS or Fraps. For something like Gems of War, OBS would be fine.

I used Fraps when recording footage for our preview videos.

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Thanks everyone.
I tried OBS, and seems like it can indeed do a ShadowPlay-style buffer and save using hotkey. Now I just need to figure out the best settings for it.

A few days ago I had also tried using OBS for recording games videos. But ever since I heard about new XBOX subscriptions Acheter Xbox gift card 50 euros I certainly moved to console gaming. And found it quite easy to record video game play on Xbox just simply with, double click the Xbox home button on the controller than use Y to record clip or x to save the screenshot.