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Achievements on Xbox One

Just wondering if there are any plans to add new achievements(or trophies) in the future to the Xbox One (or Playstation 4) versions of the game?

No there are not

Im sure they will but just not for every update they release. Big ones such as the introduction of pvp2.0 might be more likely

Devs already said no plans to

Well they said no time soon, they never said no.


They said not any time soon but I got the impression there will be more in the future at some point.

I made this thread with achievement ideas : Console achievement/trophy ideas for a future patch

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Here is the “official” answer. Feel free to interpret it, as others have done…


But, crucially, I did not completely rule out the possibility.


“Wording and phrasing” -in a high pitched voice

“We’re still doing ‘phrasing’, right?”

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