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How to break the map of Krystara

Hello, kids! Today we gonna learn a simple way to break the map of Krystara. First, you need to know: we have two types of windows in the game right now:

a) Small one, which can be closed via “cross” button at the top-right corner (for example kingdom screen and chest screen);
b) Huge one, which opens at full screen and has an arrow button to leave at the left-top (hero screen, troops).

Second, when you click kingdom icon right now the camera will move to center the view for you, it seems nice and smooth and gives you a feeling that you are flying through the sky. Now to the fun part.

If you want two small windows just click kingdom that far away from the center right now (actually there is no difference which kingdom to click, we just need more time) and right after that, click chests button at the gui. Be quick, you need to do that while camera is moving to get the effect. If you do that just in time you will receive two windows on top of each other. Now you can close all of them by clicking the cross and bring some serious threat to Krystara.

Just do the same trick with the camera, but click the hero button at the gui. If you do that in time hero screen will open, and when you close it by clicking “back” arrow you can see:

a) Camera won’t move now if you click to any kingdom icon.
b) On top of that, any kingdom screen won’t be able to open!

Restart the game to fix that.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem?
I don’t have a screen capture tools right now, and the screenshot doesn’t show anything.