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Arena problem

problem When i try to play into arena i tap on in and next it teleport me into map of krystara i reinstall the game and i have done verify the files of the game but the problem still there .

Have you completed your kingdom quests? The Arena is part of the Games tab, and if it’s not been unlocked yet then you might need to play more quest before the button will work properly.


good morning
I could never play in the arena from the beginning of the game, unless the server is missing
thank you

Could you please add a screenshot showing where you are tapping to get teleported back to the map?

But why would you want to play arena?

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Okay, that’s definitely weird. It looks like the server thinks there’s a game in progress, maybe your lineup is somehow considered corrupt. You best bet is probably to open a support ticket:

1.) Got to https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
2.) Select “Submit a request” at the top.
3.) Select “Technical issue”.
4.) Explain that the game won’t let you proceed with your Arena run, possibly add a link to this bug report.

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Thank you for your time I have sent to support for a long time and they told me that they will check it but two months have passed.

because I pay 100 Gems for each event

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The arena per se is the actual problem.

Might it be the case, that you had like 7 battles finished on Arena, before the patch went life and changed Arena lenght to 6 battles ?

If that’s the case I suppose only a databse injection could help you with your problem (one of admins would have to manual end your arena in Database or change win count from 7 to 5/6).

@Saltypatra @Kafka
Do you have tools to check the thesis above? Or any other thing -> looks like Arena is started(from the image), but game fails to show it properly.