How does a character that has no damaging ability hurt me?


This has happened time and time again and I just don’t understand it.

EX: Lance Knight has the a the ability to:

Destroy a row. Gain 2 armor, boosted by all green gems destroyed.

So why does that hurt one one my troops? No skull were aligned when the column was destroyed…so why was my troop injured?

This type of thing has happened time and time again with many different characters that shouldn’t be able to damage me with their special abilities.

I largely stray away from picking troops that don’t inflict damage with their special ability, but if I’m going to get freebee hits like the computer does with them…I might look into it.


If any skulls were in the row he destroyed, each skull taken out will do one damage as if it were matched. This is a crucial difference between “destroying” gems and “removing” them. Destroying them has effects (skulls do damage, mana gets applied to your troops), while removing them does nothing beyond take them off the board. Read your troop text carefully!


That explains things. Thank you very much.