How do I change my 2nd forum nick?

As it stays, now I am a Regular, but I see other changes their 2nd nick after they become a regular, but I couldnt find the settings for it. Where do I find it? Thanks!

Ooh, can you now see the Lounge @eika?

No, I cant find the lounge. :confused:

What Jainus means is you should go to this thread:

And place a request for your custom title to replace the default ‘regular’. @Nimhain will then be so kind to adjust it for you (as only the devs are allowed to).
The Lounge is a separate message category that only regulars can see. :slightly_smiling:

Im there now, but thank you! :slight_smile:

I bet I know what your custom title is going to be… hahaha.

You need to check the lounge for it, then you will see. Its not what you think. :slight_smile: Surprise!

Well I changed my thoughts a bit, so think you got me there…

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What are the requirements to be listed as a regular? Thought I was pretty regular. Just curious.

This should help

Just scroll down to ‘regular’

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Thanks @Macawi for the link. Good info to have. I’ll get there eventually. This forum rocks and I visit and read every day.

@collectorofgems I believe you fulfill most of the requirements already. Probably only have to give out a few more likes.

@collectorofgems, @yonizaf is right. After looking at your summary you need to give out 4 more likes to bring your total up to 30.

That’s what I was thinking too. I’ve given out a few today. Some of the smartass comments some people post are hilarious! :smile:

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The first rule of fight club…

You getting a hug from me. :slightly_smiling:

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