Regular? What's that?

I got a pretty notification about 22 minutes ago saying that I had reached trust level 3 and am now a regular… I’m having great difficulty figuring out exactly what this means…

@Lyya I’m still waiting for most of the above :wink:

You can now see the lounge. That’s the main thing.

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Where would I happen to find this? It doesn’t show up in the categories

There is a category called Lounge with a lock to the left of it. You should see it in the category list. If not I’ll post a message and see if it shows up as new for you.

Do you see it? I tagged you in it.

Edit: yup you do.

I got into it through my notifications via ur tag but it’s not in my category list

Maybe it takes a day lol

Weird. Came up for me right away. You can use that as a back door though since you should be able to access the category from the thread.

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Nah, the main thing is the fancy custom title!

How do I get that? The developers gonna give me a cool nick name?

Which you can see how quickly I jumped on that bandwagon.

@Cell send a request to Nimhain with your desired title.

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No accounting for taste!

Nothing about says it all.

I think I’m gonna let the community help me out with that I’ll make a post for suggestion then open a poll with my 3 favorite and 2 of my own and we’ll see what people think

In going to start the thread now

Why not, they picked your avatar pic…

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It’s up I will set up the poll based on suggestions on Monday please suggest something you think will suit me well


“More even then @Studs” lol :wink:


I’ve still got 10 days or so to go for mine I think :frowning:


@Shiratori I have access to the Lounge now, I figured it out too, I play on my iPhone and got the regular badge while I was on and I never close out the window and leave it in my queue cause I’m on it every day, on a hunch I push the refresh button and it promptly showed up