How do you make a custom title


I see people with cool titles, how do I make one for myself?


You’re a regular? Great! Ping salty or Lyya or ozball or cyrup - don’t forget cyrup! - in the Regular Custom Titles thread

NB: forum members without ‘regular’ status won’t be able to see this thread.


thanks, I have been wondering this for a while


Or me. I exist. Hi.


@cyrup if you want to change my title and change it back, you have my blessing! :wink:


…I’m fine thanks :confounded:


My title > your title :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Okay, what does it take to become a ‘regular’? Here are my stats:

Clearly I’m doing something wrong! :upside_down_face:


The requirements can be found here:

Also I took a look at your stats from our side, and it looks like you’re only short the Topics Viewed requirement.


Thanks, this is very helpful.

See you in the secret thread! :male_detective: