How do guild statue bonuses stack? (PC/Mobile)

We have 5 days left on Yellow statue. What happens if we finish it today? Do we get 12 days left or 7? Do we get +8 health bonus or +4?

If you finish it today you will have the bonus for 7 days. Also only +4 health will be applied. The bonuses do not stack.


Time does extend, actually. They would have it for 12 days. Still only +4 bonus, though.

Source: we first activated red toward the end of the week, and have been finishing it toward the beginning of the week every week since:


I have noticed that on a few of our statues as well, but I don’t think it’s working as intended. Completed tasks are only supposed to last 7 days after completion.
Maybe a dev can clarify this in a bit more detail.

I have always assumed that the days issue would become a mute point if your guild is completing the tasks each week. If not then I can see why you need the clarification.

I agree with @Macawi. I think we need the clarification skills of our wonderful devs.

@Saltypatra, @Sirrian or @Nimhain could you set us straight on how the days are calculated?

I’m almost 100% certain it is working as intended per dev comments in the past. You’ll never be able to accumulate more than 13 days worth of bonus though so it can’t really be abused. If it didn’t work that way, guilds would end up trying to wait until the very last second of previous bonus was used up before starting on the new one and that would cause all kinds of issues and exasperation.


I tried finding posts where devs commented on this but I couldn’t find anything. It does make sense that the days of previously completed statues do not get lost after completing a new one. I’m just unsure how exactly it is calculated.
For instance one of ours shows this:

So they do go for more than 13 days.

Hmm interesting. My math may be off

It might not be off, it could just be a visual glitch or something.


does anyone have a screen shot of hours alone? maybe it simply goes: 7days - 6days -5days -4days -3days -4days -1day - boom bonus gone? in that case 14 days would be still fine

AFAIR it works like other timers - when we first got the bonus it showed 6 days (when it was just seconds below 7 days the game still saw it as 6 full days and something). However I’m sure I also saw 14 days on a statue at some point, just like @Macawi - and since one has 13 right now it must have shown 14 yesterday (we finished the tasks way before the current hour). My guess is that at some point the time bonus was added twice the same week because of a bug. Might be a visual glitch of course, but it seems to be consistent for some weeks if not months.

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On PS4, it displays in minutes. Each time we complete a statue, it adds 10,080 minutes to the count.

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