House of Lotus looking for people

I started playing a little over a week ago, I’m Lv. 77 and have put up 300 trophies and over 150k to the guild so far.

There’s no weekly donation requirement. First 2 people get promoted as much as it lets me; since you will technically be a founder also in a sense.

I know you all have better options for guild bonuses and what not. But who knows, if I can get 1-2 people to join then it would be worth it.

Post your invite code if you are interested.



.Hi, if you want :blush::,you could consider joining’s my Guild Sin of History, also my Gamertag is GANGSTA KILLER7 if you want to talk to me personally and here is my Guild information : Roster- 12/30 Guild level- 23. Trophies-569. League Rank- 1252- Sliver 2. / :smirk: I will understand if you want to stay in your own guild , I am just giving you a option. :blush:

Bump, still looking.

Stats so far:

Lv - 102
Guild Lv - 10 - Silver 2
512 trophies/300k