Honor system infos and rewards


Anyone reached the last day of special login calendar? Do we know if it restart after day 7 or it’s a 1 week only?



The Revered one has repeated the same rewards.



So if you don’t care about the pet it might be better to stay at Exemplary rank to farm chaos shards?



The 100 chaos shards only came once per level at Exemplary though, not from the calendar rewards, So no way of farming them?



Oops my bad i forgot it wasn’t the calendar rewards



Ok, this still sounds to me anyway, like a lame popularity contest, although votes MAY or MAY NOT count, and we don’t know if they count or why. Cool, got it.



I think the honor system is the beginning of the end for gems. Obviously they are out of ideas because this is the dumbest thing ever in the history of gems. Who cares what status you are even they dont care because the rewards are garbage. Im sorry but nothing about the honor system will improve my game play. If you like it fine . If you chat all day then good for you. I am here to play only. The other nonsense serves no purpose AT ALL!. I cant believe you all brainstormed this idea seriously



You don’t have to care about it or even participate in it if you don’t want to. But not everyone plays the same way or for the same reasons as you. Just like not everyone likes all of the events equally, it doesnt mean the devs shouldn’t add content because some portion of players don’t like it, since clearly some other portion does.

You seem awful steamed about a part of the game that doesn’t hinder your play or hurt you at all and is completely optional to participate in…



I think two sides on this.

One side: you are totally right, the rewards are irrelevant so if you don’t get it oh well.

Other side: this is a game about wealth acquisition and the people who manage to game this system will have more wealth than people who don’t. That’s what people resent: this is totally not a skill-based system and it doesn’t matter that the rewards are irrelevant, it matters that really good players won’t get the reward.

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You dont know who even gives you anything or how many you have for Christ sake. This is only my opinion and if you like this trash of a update then more power to you.



While I don’t love the system, I at least see what they’re attempting to do. All the anonymity is to slow down those who would game the system (not that it’ll stop it completely).

I’ve wanted an internal guild reward system forever, and this is the closest to it I ever expect to see, so I’ll take it! As a GM it satisfies my desire to be able to recognize those who contribute to the guild above all others in resources & helpfulness. Hopefully it satisfies those who receive the recognition so they know they’re appreciated. Some kind of reward, no matter how miniscule, is better than none. (It’s the thought that counts I guess?)



Pretty sure giving to guildmates counts as 0. Maybe the first time you give to a person counts 100% but I’m almost certain now that the 2nd and all times after that count as 0 or maybe .01 or something stupid like that. It is probably not even restricted to guildmates but to everyone. Only the first time you give honor to someone counts.

My point is that your intention is good giving honor to someone in your guild for doing something but in reality you are just wasting your hp because this stupid hidden system the devs created defeats the purpose of the honor system. By hindering those who would “game the system” they are also hindering all those who wouldn’t aswell.



You’re most likely right. It’s better to trade honor with random people in global. Use easy win defenses in PvP. Be a low enough level that people can honor you on the PvP leaderboards…or…spend enough gems so they can honor you on the event leaderboards.
You know…“the right way to honor folks”. :roll_eyes:
I’m a GM, say I want to honor the highest gold donator and highest trophy earner that week. Good reason to give honor right? Well what if it’s the same exact folks the next week as well. My honor means less now?

Devs for the 8 millionth time… People are always going to find a way to Exploit a system. You shouldn’t punish the folks who use it the right way in fear of Exploits happening.
“Oh no, if every player gets Revered too early then everyone will be equal.”

  • if that’s your fear then you really don’t understand the ramifications of segregation. Nor how much equality is good for a community.


Someone check local hog farms for winged swine, and call Satan to ask about the temperature. Awryan and I agree on a contentious issue almost completely.



Thats the problem. You are left guessing with this BS while they keep tight lipped because they can’t/wont do their job. What kind of devolpers rolls out new content and not tell players what counts or dont. This is not important enough to care but please explain this to the people who do care .



Total agreement with awryan. I didn’t even know that you can’t give honor to the same person and have it count. Wow!

I’m seriously considering not bothering with this honor thing at all.

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The devs ignoring this thread says it all



If I have to go into Global to get honor, I’m only giving honor back to the players who have the filthiest mouths and tell the dirtiest jokes.



@Graeme would win that contest on PS4 global chat @Slypenslyde. Lol JK JK
:rofl: ILY @Graeme :heart_eyes:



This is completely unsubstantiated speculation at this point. I have yet to see tested proof of this and in my guild this doesn’t seem to fit how people are gaining honor levels.

Some of my members with the highest honor aren’t social butterflies in global and I’m pretty certain 90%+ of their honor has been received from within the guild. Unless they are getting a bunch of random honor from random people in PvP (which I admit is possible but doesn’t sound very probable) then honor from other guild members is counting just fine. Likely there’s a diminishing return on honor from the same person but it’s not as drastic as you guys are claiming from what I’m seeing. I’m sure there are algorithms to weight honor on what the relationship of the giver/receiver is, how many honor received in some unknown period of time from the same person, what category of honor is received and probably some other factors.

So how about instead of misinforming everyone and causing this type of reaction:

you come back with some substantiated proof of your claims.

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