Honor - How much points you need?

I know there is a honor topic already, but I try to keep track, too. I don’t get a lot honor though so maybe some know more. Thanks to all who helped me to Revered!

Honor Ranks:
Dishonored - Get by Developers for being a retard. - Reward: Permaban!
Warned - Get by Developers for being mean in chat. - Reward: Hit in the face!
Respected - You start with this! - Honor needed: 0 - Reward: Nothing
Respected 1 - Honor needed: 8-9 - Total Honor needed: 8-9 - Reward: 3 gem keys
Respected 2 - Honor needed: 8-9 - Total Honor needed: 17 - Reward: 3 gem keys
Respected 3 - Honor needed: 6-7 - Total Honor needed: 23-24 - Reward: 3 gem keys
Honorable - Honor needed: 5-14 - Total Honor needed: 29-37 - Reward: 4 event keys + Bonus Calendar*
Honorable 1 - Honor needed: 11-19 - Total Honor needed: 48 - Reward: 4 event keys
Honorable 2 - Honor needed: 13-16 - Total Honor needed: 61-64 - Reward: 4 event keys
Honorable 3 - Honor needed: 16-23 - Total Honor needed: 80-84 - Reward: 4 event keys
Exemplary - Honor needed: 17-21 - Total Honor needed: 101 - Reward: 100 shards + **
Exemplary 1 - Honor needed: 20-23 - Total Honor needed: 121-124 - Reward: 100 shards
Exemplary 2 - Honor needed: 23-30 - Total Honor needed: 147-151 - Reward: 100 shards
Exemplary 3 - Honor needed: 36-45 - Total Honor needed: 187-192 - Reward: 100 shards
Revered - Honor needed: 45-52 - Total Honor needed: 237-239 - Reward: Revered Dragonkitty + ***

My honor:
73 (+9) - Helpful
35 (+32) - That was fun
131 (+17) - Highfive

Honor Rank: REVERED!

*Bonus Login Calendar features a 7 day calendar with gem key on day 1 and 1000 gold on day 2-7 (Rank Honorable)
**Bonus Login Calendar features a 7 day calendar with a gem key on day 1 and 2 and 2500 gold on day 3-7 (Rank Exemplary)
***Bonus Login Calendar features a 7 day calendar with a gem key on day 1-3 and 5000 gold on day 4-7 (Rank Revered)

Respected 1 needed 3 helpful and 6 high fives for example.
Respected 2 needed 3 (6) helpful, 1 (1) fun and 4 (10) high fives for example.
Respected 3 needed 6 (12) helpful, 0 (1) fun and 1 (11) high fives for example.
Honorable needed 7 (19) helpful, 2 (3) fun and 4 (15) high fives for example.
Honorable 1 needed 6 (25) helpful, 1 (4) fun and 4 (19) high fives for example.
Honorable 2 needed 6 (31) helpful, 1 (5) fun and 9 (28) high fives for example.
Honorable 3 needed 9 (40) helpful, 2 (7) fun and 9 (37) high fives for example.
Exemplary needed 6 (46) helpful, 1 (8) fun and 10 (47) high fives for example.
Exemplary 1 needed 4 (50) helpful, 7 (15) fun and 12 (59) high fives for example.
Exemplary 2 needed 4 (54) helpful, 3 (18) fun and 20 (79) high fives for example.
Exemplary 3 needed 9 (63) helpful, 6 (24) fun and 26 (105) high fives for example.
Revered needed 10 (73) helpful, 11 (35) fun and 26 (131) high fives for example.

Cyrup confirmed many things matters: https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000901655-Honor-Badge-not-increasing


10 for respected 1
10 for respected 2
10 for respected 3
10 for honorable

15 Honorable 1
15 Honorable 2
15 Honorable 3
15 Exemplary

20 Exemplary 1
20 Exemplary 2
20 Exemplary 3
20 Revered

Total honor (for each Rank)

0 honor Respected (starting Rank)
40 to reach Honorable
100 to reach Exemplary
180 to reach max rank Revered

Credits to @jzg

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THAT IS ****ING WRONG! It’s not correct what the other forum post says! Please don’t copy and paste without even knowing the right information!
Not a single dev said the amount!

My informations here are 100% correct by own researches!

EDIT: Apperantly he doesn’t saw the other forum post and qouted jzg

So is this information. Spelt out from first hand information. By someone who already rose through the honor ranks in the guild/alliance. Someone who is incredibly reliable. @jzg

You should credit that individual for their work then and not simply copy and paste it.
But from what I read… From “credible sources” is the info may be wrong. Of each Rank, between the 2nd and 3rd level, it seems to be more points are needed than originally reported. The people who care are looking into it. You shouldn’t post advice unless you yourself are 100% sure that it’s accurate. That’s how a lot of bad data gets past around in the game. The forums should be a source for factual knowledge. Not fake news. By copying their data from their thread, you are removing their context of it being a theory at this point.

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From what I understood I think you are on my side. Thank you for that

Reading the other thread is torture…The creator of the thread has no idea about the point things. I guess he didn’t even know I have a thread, too. His one was about the rewards before he changed the title. He shouldn’t do the points thing…But oh well.

That makes sense. I would credit the person, was just skeptical about forum rules. I never read them. I’ll edit my comment above.

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There might be something else that factors in here. It took me roughly 15 honor to get the first rank, didn’t keep too close track unfortunately. Maybe there’s a decay built in, or restrictions on which honor received increases the internal counter.

Yes. That could be the case. We know everyone needs the same amount of honor. The only thing possible would be probably that they have different weight.
There isn’t a decay probably, because the only way you can lose honor is from devs.
Can only be compared with someone who track exactly everything as well

Well…I didn’t copied this from the “other forum post”. I didn’t even see any other post regarding this. I saw yours and felt there were question marks and gaps. And I thought I shall share a credible info (at least to my belief) to you.

Really? Because for me that looked like just copied and pasted. Sorry, but reading the other thing makes me sick when they talking about points.
I did the question marks obvoiusly, because they are assumptions from the other thread. But as they are not confirmed and obvoiusly wrong after own researches I have the “?” there. You could have seen that the numbers are the same though (expect the ones I corrected myself already).
I know jzg. He firmly thinks that it’s 10 and not less (or more). But this time he’s wrong although he’s normally credible of course.

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I 100% copied it from Honor system infos and rewards to discord where someone asked about it
I didn’t keep track of how much is it nor do I care honestly :smiley:


Isn’t the point of this new honor system just to encourage better behavior in the chat rooms and guilds and not just another thing to munchkinize with your min/maxing? I’m with @jzg on this one.

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Yes that’s the point Amber. That’s why Devs doesn’t give informations about this. But some people want to know this even if it’s only for completion purposes regarding info about that game.

Yeah…It looked very, very similar lol

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Now i know why you were upset the other day. sorry i didin’t see your post. But it’s not a reason to be rude. The numbers i wrote are base from a bunch of 4-5 people and everyone got different numbers so it’s hard to be 100% correct when you don’t know if the system work properly.

Given how evasive the devs have been about this and the conflicting reports of how many +1’s are needed, it would not surprise me if the actual “honor points” received are completely hidden from view. The UI shows you +1 each time you receive some honor, but the true “honor points” could be some more complicated value based on who gave you the honor. Maybe you get more points from players that are higher level, more active in chat, not from the same guild, or hasn’t honored you already, etc.
Just a possibility to consider.

Unlikely! Salty just confirmed that it doesn’t matter if you’re level 50 or level 1000. But good ideas anyways

So, that settles it. @jzg @Sipalman @awryan:grin:

What’s “it”??