Honor - How much points you need?

The “copy-paste” accusation. Apparently it is an indirect copy-paste. The information is probably unreliable even according to @jzg

Lol… It’s not an accusation if you admit that’s what you did. You just copy and pasted info that was copy and pasted, that was copy and pasted etc…
My point was… Don’t pass on data unless you, yourself, know it to be true. Otherwise, credit your source.
It sounds like you got your info from Jzg who said he didn’t care if it was accurate or not. Which sounds like he only posted it in the first place. To help someone who was curious. And he probably told them, “this is what they are saying on the forums”. That not only credits the source (sorta) but also tells the person that Jzg does not know if it’s accurate or not.
See the difference between that and just posting data?
And it’s not a forums rule… It’s a life rule.



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I’m pretty sure after all of these years, the fact that they never give full scoring information, is so that they can hide the other half of their glitches and say “working as intended”(cause u suckers don’t know any better) Lol

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My brother received ten hour points at once this morning, and another guildmate received 13. Neither gained a lvl. I had received at least 30 in increments less than five with no lvls gained. Then spent a day trying to avoid collecting tributes, failing several times (5 and 7 more wasted), before collecting 11. So…50 to get to Respected +1? Seems like a waste of time.

I only understand half of it. But this is the points I needed. There are some other factors involved we don’t know at this point in time. It could be for example a different weight with 3 honors or less value when it comes from guild members.
The only thing to find more out is probably when someone keep track of everything, too, but this doesn’t happen as far as I know.

Ok, I saw in the other thread the devs wanted to keep it as something players did for the right reason, and not as a stat to min max as quick as possible. I thought it would be a ‘fun’ way to reward the Soldier and Vanguard who scored the highest in gws…Fun was a category. I guess having 13 votes from within the guild isn’t the same as 13 outsiders, especially considering some of us voted twice, before and after reset. Fair enough. I’ll have to look into other ways to get players to do their battles. Less fun, less rewarding ways. Take care, bye

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took you 50to get to respected 1?wow weird

I really find this new system a bit… well needing to be re-thought.

I give out as Co-Guide leader - Honor for the top 5 who give the most by end of Monday (Our guild gold Reg) and at the end of the week for the top 5 who did the best in the events.
In between I might have enough to give some to folks who are doing great consistently. that really doesn’t leave a lot left. More so - it seems that it takes forever to even more 1 dot.

Guild leaders should have more so they can reward their guild.

The only problem is your points will only count for the first time, after this it’s a pure waste

OOOH??? are you saying that I can only give 1 to each person EVER?

Yeah it’s designed that way so people don’t use alt account to give themself HP

It counts less, but should be more than nothing

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So, only the 1st HighFive between Barney, Ted, Marshall, Lily and Robin to each other are legen…wait for it… ary? That make sense!

All others HighFives, full of happiness and enthusiasm are for the gallery. Best system ever, really.

Made my day