Honor not showing (Not a bug)

I’m wondering if anyone else has had their Honor disappear. This has been ongoing since the Honor system first started. I am receiving honors, have been told so, and I’ve seen the Honor. Briefly.

When I collect tribute, if I’ve received any new Honor since the last time I collected tribute, it appears in the screen. The next time I collect tribute, though, that Honor is gone and my totals show as zero’d again on the menu. That is, unless I’ve received any new Honor during the time between collections. It does not appear on my profile, as I don’t think I’ve received enough Honor to collect the first gem.

At this point my biggest question would be “Is that working as intended?”

It only shows how much honor you received since the last time you collected tribute. If it shows 0 then you received 0 in that hour (or however long since you last collected tribute).
Your total amount of honor points is nowhere shown

Ok, good to know. That was a piece of information I didn’t find anywhere. Appreciate the answer! :smile:

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We have some more information on Honor here: