Honestly how many active players?


When i started, about 4 months ago, i got some defense matches almost everyday. Then it dropped to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then Monday, Tuesday and now only Monday (total of 3 this week until now).

I can’t believe with those 800+ trophies weekly players that i am not getting more matches. How is that possible? Either there are so many dummy account (inactive). Well maybe i am wrong, i just re-looked at the weekly news now and no more update about top trophy list…


This week’s Monday was one of the most active days in this game’s history. The main reason you don’t get invades throughout the week is that most people who have been playing this game for a while now just schedule 1-3 hours on their Monday to reach rank 1. Also, most of the 800+ trophy weekly players are in the 500-1000 level range, so unless you are level 300+ they won’t see you too often if ever.