Please get rid of the bots

It’s getting ridiculous.
2000+ pvp attacks in 6 days.
And starting a new week, doing just the same all over again.

What is the true meaning of 2000+ pvp attacks per week ?
My goal in life: wake up, play 16 hrs per day gems of war pvp, then go to sleep. And repeat.

I’m asking: where are they ?
We are top 50-60 on pvp ladder, kicking out inactives.
Craving for good players.
We are waiting for players who can enjoy the perks of being in a top 50-60 guild.

Only inactives join though.
Not ever does a player join who does 2k+ attacks per week. So where are they ?
Is it like the Fermi paradox. Where are those players who are top 500 ? Not in our universe it seems.

I’m one of the top players in my guild at 400-500 trophies/week - every week.
Which means like place 30.000 (that’s 30k)

Everyone doing better than 400-500 trophies: welcome to join a top 50-60 guild… yet… not one of those uber active players want to join us.

So please, devs … get rid of the bots.

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2000 trophy is easy, i actually got over 5000 but of course im a bot :slight_smile:

Not trophies, but actual pvp attacks.

Either way, I’m happy and all ears to copy your pvp setup which breezes through all kinds of opponents.
2k trophies/week is very happy to hear.
Please share with the less developed…, as I am.

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Just because someone has 2000 attacks does not make them a bot. And that is walking a fine line to a call out. We have ppl in our guild that do that sometimes. Pc has 4x speed now. And if you use a fast team it’s not a stretch at all. I really do hope you are not calling every one that does 2000 invades a bot…

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This is very close to being a call out, which is inadmissible by forum rules. If you have evidence, not just suspicions, that a player is botting, pm the devs. Posting it in the forums is not okay.


2k a bot on PC? We got someone that has done 4.3k Invades this week on the X1 of those 3.7k were successful. Someone that just posted on this thread has like 1.7k so he is need of some reprogramming :wink::grin::sunglasses:

Some people are dedicated and fast. If you ask them nicely and they might give you some tips.

Finally as EVERYONE has written: callouts are not allowed for obvious reasons.


We’ve got someone at 1500 invade wins already and as of this moment he’s 4th on the leaderboard. He is not a bot. It’s not much of a reach to be at 2000 wins, that’s only a few more hours of PVP over the course of 6 days.

Granted, both the person at 1500 wins and the person at 2000 wins play a lot more than me, but in any competitive game like this you can’t expect to keep up with people who can play a lot more than you can. It doesn’t mean they’re bots - it means they have more time to contribute to PVP.

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since there are only 3 people with over 2k invade at the moment, i bet they are very happy staying in their current guild. so what perks does your guild offer that other guild doesn’t? the word kicking is a strong deterrent, at least for me.

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2000 battles in in 6 days is about 333 battles a day, which is about 5.5 hours a day worth of battling assuming that the battles last a minute. Not entirely implausible on PC at 4x speed.

But if you have a suspicion that someone might actually be botting please submit a ticket to support about it at As others have pointed out, posts like these border on call outs which are against the Community Rules.


About your calculating, I believe that the fewest 3 trophies matches takes 1 minute each, only. With the loading included more realistic average would be at 2 minutes. So 333 battles is more exact 11 hours or more a day. (3 trophies invades)



I agree tho…bots are BS. Cheaters

The fact remains that even if 333 battles were to take 11 hours per day, this is completely doable. There are plenty of players who are either students, stay at home, unemployed, employed but able to play at work, etc. that 2000 wins does not mean there is a botting situation.

I work a full-time job and can still easily spend 5-7 hours a day gaming (16+ hours on weekends/days off) if I so choose. What each person does with their free time is their choice.


Not sure why you are telling me this? I just made @Ozball’s calculation a little more realistic of how many hours 333 invades takes with 3 trophies only invades and constant playing. Did I offend you?

There is wayyyyy too much math involved in this so ima STFU

My advise. Recruit in one post. Talk crap in a different post. Combining the two is a bad look.

Apologies. Didn’t want to stir up the hornet’s nest.
Seems there are some very dedicated players out there.

Yeah i Eat Pray and Love GOW