Holy Avenger (+8) not Vorpaling at 20%


@Saltypatra I don’t believe this thread was about any perceived changes to the weapon and its upgrade(s) since the update, but rather its behaviour on release - and so I think Bug Reports is still the correct place. Venar’s comment

was an off-hand remark, I think, and doesn’t really cover/represent the entirety of his post. Potential confirmation bias, etc. was acknowledged and addressed,

and I think he’s looking for some further investigation, without having to do it all by himself. If we can provide a larger sample size, would that give cause for investigation from Support?


Yeah what we’re asking for, @Saltypatra, is for someone to verify if it was erroneously set to 7% instead of 20%. 2 players have played about 300 matches each, and each player has seen a range hovering between 7% and 12%. It seems like over 600 matches we should be seeing a rate more like 18%-22%

To be clear: we don’t think it changed. We think it might have mixed up its implementation to choose 7% instead of 20% and we didn’t notice until someone decided to use it extensively. (It’s not exactly a meta-threatening weapon!)

People are collecting further data, but that’ll take a lot more time than it might take a dev to peek at the code. That kind of dev peek would confirm “several people are having weirdo luck and the stars aligned that they’re exactly the people trying to prove if this percentage is correct”.

I’ve seen stranger things, but it’s still sensible to pursue anomalies.


Good show :fist:.


I actually signed up just to respond to this thread. Been playing GOW for about a year but only tried using my 8+ Holy Avenger a few times, since every time I try using it, it never Vorpals. I would use it 100 times and never have it kill anything. Recently, I tried re-using the weapon to see if it would kill and nothing. If it is working, it is more like 1% than 20%. Oh. And as far as 300 (Or even 1000) uses producing a test for 20% or even 7% chance rates, remember that each new use only has 20% chance not that 1 in every 5 will hit. There is a difference. 20% chance of hitting means you could swing and miss 10 out of 10 times, but with each new swing, you have a 20% chance to hit.

I just came on here to say that I have yet to see this weapon “Vorpal” in any and all uses of the weapon of which I have dedicated hours playing it… odd.