Holy Avenger (+8) not Vorpaling at 20%


Thanks for the answer.
I’ll dust it off once again, just because the Meta is the worst it’s ever been anyways, might as well play bad cards…
And see if my “luck” changed…


Which reminds me a lot of the Frostmage third trait always hitting the first troop instead of a random one. The team also got asked about this again and again, insisting every time that this is not the case, despite multiple video recordings proving them wrong. Until it finally got fixed about half a year later.

*Sigh* Sorry for feeling passionate about this. Let’s wait and see what percentage chance @Venar gets repeating those tests. Somehow I can’t shake the feeling the team hasn’t really understood the issue being reported.


thanks kafka for the response… I will have to try it out again. I have not used it since my last post, but if nothing has been altered, I must say that I have not once seen it work. not even once. I understand randomness. I even have a passing knowledge of rainbows and unicorns (I have little girls after all). I just cannot fathom that the code is working as developed when I can pay careful attention and not witness it happen even once hours into playing with it. That is the equivalent to hitting heads on a coin flip 20 times in a row (which is more difficult to do than to win the lottery).


I’ve cut a head or two this week. Nothing close to 20%.
I wonder if it works for the AI…
But even putting it on defense, i won’t know.


I suspect the team test was based on the number of troops killed by the spell when casting it at a troop, not the number of troops killed by the spell when casting it at a full health troop. The former approach will show roughly a 20% mortality rate, mostly due to the damage the weapon deals, not due to the instant kill effect.


Could be. A good « non-scientific » test is to use a Team with a Firebomb, and a hero class with the rising shadow trait (20% summon chance when you kill an opponent).

After summoning a dozen Sister of Shadow, but no Vorpal despite numerous casts, you see that something is off.

Of course, with the current meta, such a team will get massacred, so I suggest exploring on a high difficulty level.


You can always do trial battles against a team of your own design. Just set it as your PVP team and test it until you’re satisfied.


I found that the AI acts differently when you test defenses.