Holy Avenger (+8) not Vorpaling at 20%


Thanks for the answer.
I’ll dust it off once again, just because the Meta is the worst it’s ever been anyways, might as well play bad cards…
And see if my “luck” changed…


Which reminds me a lot of the Frostmage third trait always hitting the first troop instead of a random one. The team also got asked about this again and again, insisting every time that this is not the case, despite multiple video recordings proving them wrong. Until it finally got fixed about half a year later.

*Sigh* Sorry for feeling passionate about this. Let’s wait and see what percentage chance @Venar gets repeating those tests. Somehow I can’t shake the feeling the team hasn’t really understood the issue being reported.


thanks kafka for the response… I will have to try it out again. I have not used it since my last post, but if nothing has been altered, I must say that I have not once seen it work. not even once. I understand randomness. I even have a passing knowledge of rainbows and unicorns (I have little girls after all). I just cannot fathom that the code is working as developed when I can pay careful attention and not witness it happen even once hours into playing with it. That is the equivalent to hitting heads on a coin flip 20 times in a row (which is more difficult to do than to win the lottery).


I’ve cut a head or two this week. Nothing close to 20%.
I wonder if it works for the AI…
But even putting it on defense, i won’t know.


I suspect the team test was based on the number of troops killed by the spell when casting it at a troop, not the number of troops killed by the spell when casting it at a full health troop. The former approach will show roughly a 20% mortality rate, mostly due to the damage the weapon deals, not due to the instant kill effect.


Could be. A good « non-scientific » test is to use a Team with a Firebomb, and a hero class with the rising shadow trait (20% summon chance when you kill an opponent).

After summoning a dozen Sister of Shadow, but no Vorpal despite numerous casts, you see that something is off.

Of course, with the current meta, such a team will get massacred, so I suggest exploring on a high difficulty level.


You can always do trial battles against a team of your own design. Just set it as your PVP team and test it until you’re satisfied.


I found that the AI acts differently when you test defenses.


I doubt anyone has ever Vorpaled anyone. Sure, they die… X amount of damage at a time (where X is the damage normally causes), but I have yet to see an enemy die from Vorpal. Ever. It is broken.


It has triggered for me before. I killed two troops in one cast. But it took me 60-something casts before the supposedly 20% chance occurred. That is why I was hoping Kafka or someone would explain how Vorpal is intended to work. If the code says 20%, then there must be some additional condition preventing it from happening 20% of the time.


Same here. I can’t say it never happens.
You chop heads. Sometimes.
But Don’t hold your breathe.


Drill Shooter from the Adana Boss Raid in two months also has the Vorpal upgrade. If the modifier itself is broken it will likely get a lot more visibility at that point. Next to nobody uses Holy Avenger, the event weapon looks strong enough to get upgraded by a lot of players specifically for the event.


I have been using it for the past two days since my post just to see it “chop heads” as Venar puts it (like that BTW). I still have not seen it work. I googled 20% probability examples, and here are a few things that happen 20% of the time: hitting heads 3 times in a row, getting “four of a kind” in a three round turn of Yahtzee, winning rock/paper/scissors twice in a row with rock both times… None of these activities are hard to duplicate or accomplish multiple more times, and yet, I have yet to “Vorpal” once in all the times I have played. I am great at math. I calculate the skulls, doomskulls, mana destructions and eruptions in real time. I watch each use of the Holy Avenger for the Vorpal. Sure, I kill with its mediocre damage, but that is all. NEVER with Vorpal. This cannot be working as designed.

That said, you make a great point about the next raid event weapon. I did not read ahead about its upgrades, but if what you say is true, I believe you are right in that if the upgrade is dank there will be much more confusion and questions to answer by that time. GOW development team is awesome, and in the grand scheme of things, I am more than satisfied with their game. I just would love for this D&D themed upgrade to work as advertised.


Adana is looking to be very forward-thinking and progressive indeed - first TINA, fixing the targeting issue, and now potentially the Drill Shooter, with Vorpal :stuck_out_tongue:.

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ok… The Vorpal gods have smiled upon me after cursing me with famine. Whereas I complaineth much, they hath heardeth much and have blessed me with not one Vorpal Miracle but a second one in a five game stent after my ranteth maximus. Thus, much to my behest, I doth report that Vorpal has ascended its mana unto my weapon’s loins and birthed two glorious chopped heads.

Let’s hope they keep coming


This thread exists for more than 3 months and despite strong arguments (come on, there is large enough sample size to be statistically significant) that Vorpal is not shown correct percentage it is still not fixed and devs claim that all is working fine. Okay.
How much time it will take for devs to fix the same issue with the not correct percentage on the new class weapon and Hexed trait? I bet it will be on Monday.


So @Kafka, @Saltypatra:

Is the dev who verified “the 20% is working as intended” the same as the one who verified Essence of Evil’s 10% is working as intended?

If so or if not, is there going to be a lunch and learn about what a percent sign means, and perhaps a new discussion as to what it means that Holy Avenger is “working as designed”?

Making this week’s mistake has seriously eroded our faith in your statements about this kind of affix. I think it’s worth doing a strong investigation of these affixes, seeing as somehow they’re implemented and tested in a way that one can casually mix up 10% and 100%. Do you think it’s a hard leap from there to believe that 7% and 20% have been mixed up?

At this point probably the only move that’ll ever put this to bed is to change the affix. Or make it work at 20%.


Curious if this is being looked into after the recent essence of evil fiasco or are we just settling on “dev says it’s working properly, they must be correct cuz they always are” I mean… If the 10% transform worked 100% is it not likely that the 20% vorpal is at best 7%???


Ok, i just want to say thank you to whoever secretly fixed my sword.
I took it out for a run and, behold, it’s chopping heads off. About 20% of the time.

Of course, some devs will come here and say « nothing was changed, it always worked, the codes were checked, bla bla bla »

Whatever. It didn’t work. Now it does. Whatever change was made recently fixed it.
Have fun !


It rather looks like they’ve switched to no longer communicating with us at all, it saves all the embarrassment of repeatedly being proven wrong. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: