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Hero stats do not sum correctly

Platform, device version and operating system
iOS, current version

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
The numbers shown in the breakdown of hero stats do not sum to the total values shown at the top of each panel. Take magic, for example. 8 + 10 + 2 = 20, not 21. Same for the other three skills. I am receiving extra skill points on this screen from no obvious source.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I noticed it last night, and it has not changed in all the times I’ve checked the Hero menu since then.

Steps to make it happen again
Open Hero menu from map screen?


Bump. This should be easy to test, so maybe a dev (@Kafka?) can quickly look at their account and see if this needs to be added to the list of known issues?

Weird. All the numbers are correct for me on iOS.

Hey @Grundulum what class did you have set when you took the screenshot?

Thanks for checking in. Runepriest when I took the screenshot. I have since changed it to Mechanist, and the numbers changed! (They’re still wrong, though, and off by the same amounts relative to the numbers displayed.)

Do you see a similar problem with your account, or is it potentially just me?

We believe it’s due to the weekly troop type/Kingdom bonuses and the class you have set.

You can check this by setting your class to Warden and seeing if your stats are 10% above the calculations shown on the Hero skill page.

I will play around with it as the class change fee allows, and let you know what I learn. I just wanted to make sure it was on your radar as a possible bug.

Earlier today I changed from Mechanist (which showed the incorrect values) to Necromancer. For whatever reason, I now see the correct totals on the hero screen. I’ll keep an eye out for future arithmetic oddness.

I guess you had been equipped with a sword without brown mana and its level was at least 5 as you was a mechanist. every sword (just checked a bunch not all) give the same stat points in the first 5 levels. that’s a fixed amount when equipped. at lv6 and above those affix’ are spellbased and activates everytime using that weapon’s magic in battle so they won’t count to hero stats outside a fight.
from lv1 - 5 for swords:
that would be exactly those missing points in your screenshot.

and as necromantic i can just guess it was an unleveled weapon.

^^^^ Them gems though.

Thanks for the thought, but it wasn’t that. The only weapons I have boosted with ingots were common weapons, and I’ve never equipped any of them. (And all of my hero classes are level 20.)

As for my gem total, @Arcemius , I set budgets on how much I am willing to chase the mythic each month. I’ve been lucky the last few months. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


had to check some things. i am right with the stats from a sword. and it’s the hero’s sword. the default hero weapon. in every unused team slot it’s always your hero equipped with the hero’s sword (blue mana). so this weapon is kind of engaged to the hero stats tab as if you never have changed weapons since start playing.
so unless you didn’t upgrade it to its max lv5 the hero stats tab sums will be correct.
otherwise it depends on the weapons upgrade lv what stats add.

more confusion, sorry.

  • launching the game, hero stats will be set to default as if you have the hero’s sword equipped.
  • using hero in a battle with any other weapon equipped, stats will change after battle to that weapons’ bonus stats if leveled.
  • changing team slots with other weapons or changing hero’s weapon at your current team will be updated to the hero stats tab after one battle.
  • fighting one battle without your hero sets the stats back to default in that case with the hero’s sword bonus stats if leveled.
  • magic colour bonus will not count to hero stats tab when correct mana is used,
  • so won’t bonuses be added earned from kingdom/type/coulour-matches or pets

“More confusion” is right! @Kafka, I just reproduced my behavior following the above two steps. Looks like the issue is cosmetic, but still weird.