Character Stat bonuses not adding up correctly

I noticed that my Stat bonuses are not adding up correctly. For example, I have a Legendary Jarl Firemantle with a base attack of 19. I have him in the first position and have unlocked the feature for a +3 bonus to all stats for being there. I also have raised Forest of Thrones, Blackhawk, Pridelands and Wild Plains to level 10, so I believe I should get a +1 to attack for each of those. This leads me to believe I should have an attack of 27 in PvP, but I only have 24. I am pretty sure I had 27 last week. Am I wrong or has something changed? I see this on both PC and Android.

Iirc, last week giants were an event troop so Jarl was receiving a 25% boost to all stats. This could account for the discrepancy in the attack stat now that he is no longer boosted.

I still feel I must be not understanding something. As another example, my “Hero” has a base of 18 attack, but in PvP, his bonus brings the attack to 20. Given that I have the above four Kingdoms at level 10, should I not get a 4 point bonus to attack? Should the attack not be at least 22?

This doesn’t 100% explain your math discrepancy, but when you look at the cards within your collection, the bonuses from Level 10 kingdoms are already included within those cards. They are not applied at the start of a battle.

If you are seeing your card claim 18 attack, but your in battle attack is 20, it must be a buff from something (Behemoth for example).

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I know it’s a bit late, but thank you. You were absolutely correct.