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Help with account recovery(solved)

The player of our guild has lost access to his account. His tablet literally burned out, so that even a sim card burned down. As it turned out, his account was not linked. Worse, he does not remember the invite code, because his nickname in the game was Cyrillic, and the invite code was in Latin. Is there any technical opportunity to restore his account, and what additional information can our guild provide for this? In addition to the game, we have communication through Telegram, so that we can confirm that our player is exactly who he claims to be.

Our guild - na rasslabone(117 in league). I’m - lazycat(invite - LAZYCAT_2)
Player with problem - каменщик (see screens)


He was already trying to apply, but received the answer that the data is not enough. He is old enough to have grandchildren, and his knowledge of English may not be enough to deal with the problem on his own. So we, in the guild, would like to know if we can somehow help our player.

For a young person, the loss of 80-day progress may seem insignificant, but for the elderly person it’s different.


it seems that we also have an IP address from which a member of our guild played


Hi. I am member of ‘na rasslabone’ (invite code RAMPA). I confirm that information. Dear devs, please help каменщик to get his account back! The game is so interesting now))

Hey. I am also a member of the guild(invite code SNOKE_1). I confirm that we really faced such a problem and we would be very grateful if you could help us.

Hello. I am a member of the guild (na rasslabone) (invite code ГОЛЬФ_MXPY). Please help our friend to return his account. Player with problem - каменщик. He is an elderly man. I hope for your understanding.20180227211005_120180227211704_1

Thanks for help.

You should remind him to register the account just in case.