Help me choose my next Mythic to craft!


@Raphius my vote for you would go to skadi or wulf. Both are solid mythics.


This week, we have Skadi, Gargantaur, and Abynissia. Most likely I only need these for boosting kingdom power. Additionally, all three kingdoms are at 8 stars. So, which one should I craft? Which kingdom is most likely to be eligible for 10 stars first (and thus require me to have its mythic)?


Skadi and Abynissia are actually useful, even in Guild War.

Gargantaur is, at best, an amusing novelty.


My vote would be for Aby. I use her all the time in GW. She’s good at helping you get mana (via Explosion), can summon a useful troop (Infernal King) if one of your other troops die, and her Queen’s Grave trait is pretty bomb in a full Daemon team. I even made an all Yellow Daemon team, I could use in GW, that does pretty well.


I would also pick Aby. @JonathanStriker has pretty much covered the pro’s why to pick her :+1:


I vote for aby too. One of my first mythics and favorites from way back.


Scorpius would be great if he is on a team that could inflict poison easily. However, since he is a 1-shot and does lethal damage of they’re poisoned, Abynissia or Wulfgarok would be good options over him, considering Abynissia is a summoner, and Wulfgarok can take out 1/2 of a team depending on the opposing creatures.


I would go for Aby too. She was the first mythic I crafted.


Having amassed another 4k Diamonds, I’m in the market for another Mythic, with Draakulis and Voice of Orpheus available this week.

D is good for True Damage (gaining himself Life), VoO gives mana and cleanses, so anyone got any suggestions as to which I should go for or should I wait for The Worldbreaker, even though it could be a few weeks before he comes up again?

The Worldbreaker looks like a good troop to replace Infernus with (who replaced TDS as my previous long term Go To damage and mana generator), so would it be better to go for him?

From this thread: Best mythic to craft the troops I don’t have in order of recommendation are

Champion of Anu
Queen Aurora
Voice of Orpheus
The Wild Queen


I think you should ask yourself a few basic questions:

What is the purpose of the troop, damage dealing or support?

What will you be using it for, GW, pvp, farming souls, stones, delves etc?

Specific teams or colour combinations you require?


Great to own:
Ketras the Bull

Good to own:
Champion of Anu

Just ok:
Doomclaw (support coming soon)
Queen Aurora (they really need to buff her to do something for herself)

Draakulis (does ok but doesn’t excel at anything right now and the way its designed, it won’t get better over time)
Voice of Orpheus (needs the boost ratio to go from 1x to 2x, seriously)
The Wild Queen
The Worldbreaker (way overcosted for its effect due to the explosion nerf)


With the explosion change at the same time it resulted in a net nerf, a really big one at that.


I’m not sure he’s that bad - Used him again in my GW yellow exploding team for 9,47x pts. :wink:

He just isn’t like he was. Still needs his cost to drop again.


Out of that list, Ketras is by far the best…

Personally I really like QA for her third trait…


Thanks for the replies everyone.

Ketras is interesting, but I already have good damage dealers, eg putting Great Maw up front then combining it with Ishbaala, Dawnbringer and Mercy

I liked Draakulis for the fact that it does True Damage to all opponents, but it’s maybe a bit limited otherwise.

Queen Aurora’s Barriers and Mana Boosts are interesting, but it’s rather passive apart from that and I think Mercy is better cost-wise.

So, even with the Nerf, I’m still leaning towards The Worldbreaker and combining him with Ishbaala and Mercy.

I’ll just have to wait until he comes round again…


Would like an advice what to craft next…

At the moment i can afford to craft 3 Mythics. But want to be able to craft at least 2 mythics at any other time if something gamebreaking hits the game, like pharos back then. At the moment i would like to craft a new mythic, especially because i didnt have any luck to pull something since Ubastet.

This is my list:
Champion of Anu
Famine x2
Ketras x2 (love him, my main pvp team)
Pharos x3
Undine x2 (got a second one from LT :frowning:

At the moment i am torn between Weaver and Megavore. Because Delve… What would you craft? Maybe nothing of the two and something else. Or better save the diamonds until somthing groundbreaking arrives?

Would love to hear your opinion


Weaver or Megavore would be fine (is Megavore in the Soulforge yet?). I also have a soft spot for Queen Aurora and her strength as a support troop.


Out of Weaver and Megavore, I’d personally craft Megavore.

Both are really useful in Delve and PVP.

Only reason I say Mega is because I have a couple and it’s amazing.
Current delve team is;
Dragon’s Eye
Queen Aurora
Blackhawk banner
Titan class

If i had weaver, I’d probably put that in place of Queen Aurora.


Thank you for the replies. Does Megavore third trait trigers often enough? I have a feeling that weaver would be more consistenly out of the two.
If someone have both of them, who do you use the most?


Megavore % activation:

  • when used by player: 8% / 100
  • when used by AI: 8% * 100