Help me choose my next Mythic to craft!


She is one of the 17 Mythics left in the current rotation, so she could come up in any of the next 5 weeks.

Every one on your list is either available this week or will come up in this rotation.


I’d go with Yasmine, hands down. She’s proved to be the most useful mythic I’ve crafted aside from Pharos, maybe more so now that I don’t need to farm souls. She’s great for GW and extremely helpful for the goblin pet events. She’s just a fun troop. I love her. The rest have their niche uses, but she’s the only one I use on a daily basis.


Yasmine over Gob Chompers for Goblin pet events? :thinking:


Yep. I have a steady looping team that keeps them frozen and rarely turn the board over. That’s actually my favorite of the fights. Haven’t lost one yet. Gob choppers are no fun, especially at my level and having a full arsenal to choose from.


Yasmine will give you 9 stars on Forest of Thorns.
Undine - 7 stars. Scorpius - 9 stars on Jul 16.
Skadi, Aby and Wulf are not importatnt to kingdom power atm.

Watch Tacet’s videos on Green GW, he’s tearing enemies apart with Yasmine. Skadi? Good summoner, but some troops are immune to Mana Burn, and Ice Storm can backfire on you.

Undine is Divine, which can be utilized with Ishballa, good on blue attack/defense, good against AoE dragons. Very situational troop.

Aby is a good support mana generator and summoner.

Scorpius? Requires poison support or can be used to buff magic on other brown AoE troops. Gard’s Avatar, Elemaugrim, Lady Ironbeard, you name it.

Wulf is too slow for me. Can be easily countered (dwarves, impervious), can be killed by enemy cascades before he even gets a chance.


My favorite from those would be Skadi… I know many people love Yasmine, but for me she’s misses extra turns with her random gem generation way too much :frowning:

In any case, at this point I’d probably base your decision on the GW days you’re struggling more with, none of them are really going to improve on the ones you already have for regular pvp anyways


@Raphius I’d suggest yasmine too. Versatile for a number of guild wars days, you can pretty much cast spam her to a win.


Can’t go wrong with infernus.


Uh oh, looks like my decision isn’t quite as easy as I thought, lol. Got a lot of love over here for Yasmines Chosen. Might end up coming down to who pops up first in the rotation.

@Draprion I already have Infernus, otherwise, absolutely. He’s (IMO) the best mythic in the game.


My vote is for Aby too, I use her on my blue GW day as an exploder and summoner. Euryali would be my second vote, I find her very helpful used with Scorpius too as she poisons all troops on 4/5 gem matches, which allows Scorpius to devour last 2 troops.


Three-way tie between Abynissia, Queen Aurora, and Yasmine’s Chosen. I use all three in GW and have played a couple Yasmine teams in PVP as well.


I’d go for Yasmine if you want to play “flood green, explode green”. She was one of my first few Mythics and I had a ton of fun with her.

While we’re on the topic, should I craft Champ of Anu? I failed in getting him last week with over 500 event keys, but since diamonds are so precious I’m second guessing myself.


Where are you at in terms of collecting all the mythics, and how many diamonds do you have?

I haven’t used him much personally, but I find him to be sort of a mid-range mythic. He’s usable, but not a must-have.


I have just enough to craft one. I’m not sure exactly where I am with collecting them. I’m not a collector type to be honest, I just go with the good and fast offense and a serviceable defense team.

I was originally going to wait for Worldbreaker to pair with my Divine/Bloodhammer combo but I think since I feel like I invested all of those event keys for nothing I want to craft Champ. I’m not sure he would be all that useful outside of defense, though. I think I’m answering my own question here. :smiley:


You won’t have to wait more than 4 weeks for TWB. Personally, I really like him, despite the high mana cost. AOE plus board explosion plus constant stat gains on 4 matches. He is wicked on one of my loop teams and I use him on a couple other teams as well.

If you do really want Champ, it is possible that he won’t come up again until July 30 if you don’t craft him this week, though he could come up again as early as June 18.


Skadi can mess up your entire scheme :snowflake:


What do you mean? (I’m not sure who or what you’re responding to.)


I mean she messes with the order of your troops. There are many good combinations with Skadi and she’s also very useful in guild wars. If I was in his position, I’d craft Skadi first.


She also has a great backstory


Haha sorry I read rockwell’s Post first and was replying to him. Should have made myself clearer