Help me choose my next Mythic to craft!


I will be getting my hands on a random Mythic in 8 days (PtG II). There are three Myths I don’t want: War, Stonehammer and Doomclaw and 4 Myths I own: Infernus, Skadi, Plague and Elemaugrim. Hopefully I can pull ones you mentioned in your post…


Honestly, my first mythic was one I purchased (via Growth Pack) - and it was Stonehammer. Don’t count on your luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, with your list, I’d hope for Pharos-Ra the most. He’s just so useful in farming. Out of the ones I mentioned besides him, Worldbreaker is by far the most versatile who does very well in a lot of teams and can hold a battle on his own - almost like Infernus. Yasmine needs a team set up specifically for her. Someone here on the forums recommended Forest Troll/Loyalty/Yasmine/Aurora to me and man, it’s super-powerful (unless you get silenced or devoured, then you lose because that’s its glaring weakness - it can power through freeze when you get at least 1-2 loops going before that since you will have 300+ life on your troops soon enough).

But really, everyone has a different playstyle. People here just a few posts above talked about Ketras being great, but he always pretty much failed for me. Draakulis also didn’t do too well for me (but he might get a real burst in usefulness once BF and Titania arrive; those two will have a lot of synergy). Elemaugrim is… okay. I prefer TDS or Worldbreaker both. But others like him a lot, too… playstyle matters a lot.


Both Worldbreaker and Infernus can take down an entire enemy team solo. Almost had it happen to me in a Guild Wars battle this week. The next Worldbreaker cast would have wiped me, but I managed to beat it to the punch.


So there are two very nice Mythics available for Craft this week. Famine and The Worldbreaker.



Go with worldbreaker because famine will be less effective once mana shield blocks drain


Famine or Abysinna?


Famine, hands down. Aby is great and all, but her traits are a bit weak given the power curve. There are plenty of offensive summoners and better buffers. Famine still is a solid troop and even with the long awaited mana shield, still is top notch. I could see famine having various spots in my teams both on offense and defense, while aby as a summoner, is best for the back but is expensive and also and exploder which fits better up front.


Agreed, if you’re choosing between the 2, I’d also go for Famine.


I’ve finally amassed 4k Diamonds, so I’m looking to craft a Mythic. I’m missing 20 in total, but these are the ones I’m most interested in for PvP and / or Soul Farming:

Ketras the Bull
Queen Aurora

From what I’ve read above and elsewhere, Infernus or Pharos Ra would be good, but I can also see the value in Ketras or QA which are both in the Soul Forge until the end of today.

So should I wait until next week and see what comes up or go for one of the ones available now?

Any helpful suggestions will be welcome :slight_smile:


If you need souls, you should wait for Pharos-Ra. He is irreplaceable.
On the other hand Infernus should be the next on your list, after Pharos-Ra.


My current Soul Farming team is Princess Elspeth, TDS, Sacrifice, Sacrifice which is pretty fast and effective.

If I was to go for Pharos Ra, I’d probably also go for Valkyrie and then a couple of other troops with Necromancy, but I’m not sure which would be best.

(I’ve got just over 100k Souls, so I’m planning on working up to Dawnbringer, but that’ll take a while…)


Infernus will be there next week. Pharos could come up anytime from 2 to 8 weeks from now.


Infernus and Ketras for PvP gold farm. Pharos for soul farm.

Been having lots of fun with Champion of Anu lately, two of them buffing troops on Red, Blue and Yellow GW days was amazing. Never had that much fun with GW until recently. Will try to pull the third with event keys next week.
EDIT: Infernus > Ketras. Superior damage and mana generator.


I’m with you on Infernus being better overall due to the mana generation, but he does not do more damage unless he has been boosted a lot or Ketras has taken a few hits.


Yasmine’s Chosen

those would be my choices - I love Eurali and Yasmine together.


Thanks, I think I’ll go for Infernus and hopefully pick up Pharos Ra in about 8 weeks or so when I’ve got another 4k diamonds to spend…


It’s just nice that all the Mythics are in rotation now, so you never have to worry about waiting tooooo long anymore.


Alright, so I have enough diamonds to craft another mythic. Got Anu out of one of our legendary guild tasks thanks to my awesome guild, so don’t need him anymore. Out of the ones I don’t have, the following are the ones that interest me (already have all of the must-haves):

Yasmine’s Chosen

Thoughts? I’m leaning towards Skadi or Yasmine’s, but would like to hear opinions. Thanks all!


I’d probably go with Skadi - she’s useful and versatile, particularly in GW.

I use Wulfgarok on a couple of niche builds and Abynissia also has her uses (though the overlap with Skadi is significant due to same colors and both summon a mana-blocking legendary).

There are people who are a fan of all of those, so you probably can’t make a bad decision though.


Appreciate it! Helps confirm my thoughts

To follow up, since you’re the man with the plan (@Stan), do you know when skadi should be up next in the rotation?